About the Booster Club

The HKIS Booster Club, a volunteer run organization since 1994, operates and manages the Dragon Shop and reinvests all profits to support Dragon Athletics, extracurricular activities, and spreads school spirit

The Booster Club spreads Dragon Spirit by:

  • Hosting spirit activities in the Middle and High Schools
  • Hosting special events in the Upper and Lower Primary Schools
  • Organizing and hosting Sports Banquets that celebrate our Middle and High School athletes
  • Helping with hospitality for tournaments--both athletic and academic--and arts events like choir festivals
  • Allocating all profits generated by our operation of the Dragon Shop to HKIS clubs, groups, organizations, divisions and departments that meet our funding guidelines.
Our allocations for the most recent five academic years total just over $3 million. Because Spirit is not confined to the athletic fields or the gyms, not only have we funded items like new scoreboards for the High School gym, we also have funded music books for Middle School Voices and Dragon’s Call, amplifiers for Middle School Jazz band, as well as a Lower Primary art banner and Green Club. For a complete list of the granted allocations by school year, please visit our Allocations pages.

None of this would be possible without your generous support. Thank you for your continued patronage of the Dragon Shop. Thank you to all our Dragon Shop volunteers – without their hard work we would not be able to do what we do. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to bake cookies, toss candy, pop popcorn or step into the “Torch” suit. We encourage all parents to volunteer, it is great fun and it really does make a difference.

On behalf of the HKIS Booster Club Board, a group of dedicated and committed individuals, we look forward to another amazing year. To see how we are Spreading Spirit this week check the space above.

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