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A very special Thank You to all of our amazing volunteers this past year!

(Just a few of our many dedicated volunteers that have contributed to the PFO this past year.)

If you would like to join us, please click here to volunteer or click on the buttons below to view the latest PFO volunteer opportunities.

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Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival Planning Committee - THANK YOU!!

The PFO's deepest thanks and gratitude go out to the dedicated members of the Pumpkin Festival Committee for their creativity, energy, collaboration, resilience and positive attitude. These parents role modeled the HKIS Vision through their dedication and hard work. Thank you, thank you!

The Pumpkins would also like to extend personal thanks for being given VIP treatment and being adopted, adored, decorated, carved and enjoyed by our great HKIS Community!

Pumpkin Festival Planning Committee 2016: the HKIS Community, the PFO and the Pumpkins salute you!

Amy Clayton, Angela Foo, Angela McCareins, Aude Zibell, Bel Quan, Bonnie Bajaj, Cheila Clemente, Christine Wai, Connie Chun, Deepa Bhagwani, Dominique Bradley, Don Shono, Eva Lind-Mallo, Grace Brennan, Imaan Bhatia, Irene Chung, Janet Chen, Jenny Lee, Jessie Chen, Jina Jung, Julianne Johnsky, Julie Ge, Julie Fried, Jun Liu, Juyong Kim, Karena Belin, Keerat Kaur, King Sze Yip, Kristin Richard, Lijing Zhu, Lina Doo, Linda Wu, Liz Powell, Liz Van Hell, Luiddy Pollock, Madhu Bahuguna, Martine Vanasse, Mary Johnson, Matt Durnin, Maura Tagliaferri, Otto Rincon, Ovril Puddefoot, Paola Bianchi, Renate Chu, Renee Yip, Sam Growdon, Sara Park, Selma Benmoussa, Sharon Chiu, Sim Leong, Somi Bhatnagar, Teresa Fox, Vilma Calix & Virginia DeBlank

Photography Group

Come and join the PFO Photographers Group!You can look forward to a fun year of photography at HKIS. No matter what your photography level, and which type of camera you use, we welcome all of your photo submissions. You chose the event that you can attend, take some photos, and upload your favorite snap shots to our shared Google Drive folder. It’s that easy.

We are looking for photos from the following PFO Events:

  • Pumpkin Festival: October 22, 2016
  • Chinese New Year Assemblies: January 26, 2017, and
  • World’s Fair: April 1, 2017
We would also love to receive photos from all other HKIS school events:
  • All school division events: LP, UP, MS, + HS
  • Class room events
  • Sporting events
  • Music concerts
  • Plays and musicals
  • Yes, just about anything goes!
Types of photos that are used:

  • Action photos
  • Group shots
  • Candid photos
  • Posed shots, or
  • Silly photos

Be creative and have fun! You may see some of your photos in the PFO Website, PFO Newsletters, or in the School Calendar. But, we can’t use your photo if you don’t upload them, so please don’t forget to upload your photos.

Send an email to pfo.communications@hkis.edu.hk to join today. When we receive your email, we'll send you a reminder of any upcoming events with photo opportunities. You commit only to the events you can attend. Instructions will be sent to you on how to upload your photos. Upload as many photos as you like.

Chinese New Year Apparel

Please contact pfo.community@hkis.edu.hk for additional information.

LP + UP Book Fairs

Please contact pfo.community@hkis.edu.hk for additional information.

Chinese New Year Assemblies

Please contact pfo.community@hkis.edu.hk for additional information.

World's Fair

World's Fair

If you're interested in joining the committee or learning more about the World's Fair, please contact us at pfo.events@hkis.edu.hk.

The World's Fair is the PFO's largest community fundraising event. It features games and prizes, delicious international food provided by HKIS families, a shopping village, book sale, charity expo, student entertainment, and lots of other fun activities. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 1, 2017 for a fun-filled day at the PFO World's Fair (Tai Tam - High School Campus).

PFO Board Positions

As the Parent Faculty Organization at HKIS, our main focus is building a strong community. In the process, we're able to raise funds that are donated back to the school benefiting everyone at HKIS. The members of our board all love what we do, and we hope that you'll get involved to help us do even more great things!

I f you're interested in taking on a leadership role on one of our committees, please fill out the form below. We are seeking talented PFO Graphic Designers to focus on the production of posters, flyers, and signs. If you enjoy graphic design and enjoy working with a great team of volunteers, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please contact Beth McNicholas at pfo.president@hkis.edu.hk.

PFO Board Leadership Interest Form