Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival Planning Committee - THANK YOU!!

The PFO's deepest thanks and gratitude go out to the dedicated members of the Pumpkin Festival Committee for their creativity, energy, collaboration, resilience and positive attitude. These parents role modeled the HKIS Vision through their dedication and hard work. Thank you, thank you!

The Pumpkins would also like to extend personal thanks for being given VIP treatment and being adopted, adored, decorated, carved and enjoyed by our great HKIS Community!

Pumpkin Festival Planning Committee 2016: the HKIS Community, the PFO and the Pumpkins salute you!

Amy Clayton, Angela Foo, Angela McCareins, Aude Zibell, Bel Quan, Bonnie Bajaj, Cheila Clemente, Christine Wai, Connie Chun, Deepa Bhagwani, Dominique Bradley, Don Shono, Eva Lind-Mallo, Grace Brennan, Imaan Bhatia, Irene Chung, Janet Chen, Jenny Lee, Jessie Chen, Jina Jung, Julianne Johnsky, Julie Ge, Julie Fried, Jun Liu, Juyong Kim, Karena Belin, Keerat Kaur, King Sze Yip, Kristin Richard, Lijing Zhu, Lina Doo, Linda Wu, Liz Powell, Liz Van Hell, Luiddy Pollock, Madhu Bahuguna, Martine Vanasse, Mary Johnson, Matt Durnin, Maura Tagliaferri, Otto Rincon, Ovril Puddefoot, Paola Bianchi, Renate Chu, Renee Yip, Sam Growdon, Sara Park, Selma Benmoussa, Sharon Chiu, Sim Leong, Somi Bhatnagar, Teresa Fox, Vilma Calix & Virginia DeBlank

Pumpkin Festival - AMAZING!!

After a week of turbulent weather, the sun came out to smile on the 2016 HKIS 50th Anniversary PFO Pumpkin Festival! The PFO was thrilled to organize the first of our major HKIS community events and to be able to hold it after an unpredictable week of weather. Despite the logistical challenges leading up to this year’s festival, it was our most successful Pumpkin Festival ever and it was all because of you! Thank you to all who supported the event by attending, volunteering, performing or as sponsors or vendors!

Thank you for all the delicious baked/made goods for the Bake Sale - with such a wonderful variety to select from, it continues to be a popular destination at the festival. We have also been blessed with loads of book donations and items for the Boo-tique, thank you for your generosity!

We couldn’t run these festivals without the tremendous support and energy from our volunteers ! Student volunteers from MS + HS play a key role in helping to set-up, run and tear-down the event. Again this year, students role modeled creativity and collaboration! There was an amazing pool of students who helped out wholeheartedly and with great attitudes.

Thank you for the wonderful support from our HS student leaders Myka Umali (Student Services), Samy Morton (Student Life), Serena Nanji-Totani (PR and Communications) and Madison Laskowski (Student Ambassadors), for helping to spread the word about the volunteer opportunities in their respective areas.

The same is true for our many adult volunteers. A sincere thanks to all of you who took a shift (or a few) to keep the Pumpkin Festival running smoothly! Extra special thanks to those that came in on Thursday to start set up and those that came in early with the sun on Saturday to make sure everything was in place for a BOOtastic time to be had by all!

We also want to thank our extremely generous sponsors and our food partners. We thank you all from the bottom of our orange-tinted hearts for your continued support of the HKIS community! We especially thank our Pumpkin Patch sponsor, The American Club , as well as the long-standing support from donors Santa Fe Relocation Group, Kwoon Chung Motors and alumnus Kelvin Hah from Yupi candy. We could not hold the Pumpkin Festival without all of our generous contributors and we are sincerely grateful.

The PFO's deepest thanks and gratitude goes out to the SPOOKtacular members of the Pumpkin Festival Committee for their energy, flexibility and positive attitude. Bonnie Bajaj , Virginia DeBlank , Selma Benmoussa and their amazing team of over 40 parents truly embodied the HKIS Vision of collaboration, creativity and resilience through their dedication and hard work. Thank you, thank you!

We could not turn the Middle School into a Halloween wonderland without the support of Anthony Hui , Kan Yip and the entire O&M team as well as Mr. Ale and his Security team ! This year in particular required extra work on their part, with them staying late on Thursday to make sure we could get a jump on setup before the T8 was hoisted. Thank you to the Middle School and Lower Primary for letting us take over their campus for a couple of days, and to both divisions for their support and flexibility when we needed to move setup ahead a day and shuffle rooms because of the weather.

Lastly - for the winners of the ever popular Pumpkin Weight Guess and Candy Guess Lucky Draw !

Thanks to all who submitted guesses for the weight of the GIANT pumpkin on Saturday! The pumpkin weighed in at 184 lbs or 83.5 kilos! We had two very good guessers this year! Congratulations to Siddharth Sengupta in Grade 10 with a guess of 83 kilos and Kelton Sonoda in Grade 4 who guessed 189 lbs. You will each receive a Bookazine gift card very soon.

We had two lucky draw Candy Guess winners! Congratulations to the following two students: Vedika Bahuguna in Grade 4 and Aidan Ting in Grade 5. Congrats on your candy jars!

Thank you one and all and please mark your calendars NOW for HKIS 50th Anniversary PFO World’s Fair on April 1, 2017!

Enjoy your Pumpkins & Happy Halloween !



Pumpkins – Games – Prizes – Entertainment – Book Sale – Shopping Bootique – Bake Sale – Charity Expo – Food – Fun – Dragon Shop – Free Bus Transportation – and MORE!

Saturday, October 22, 2016
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Middle School Campus - Tai Tam

The wait is almost over - and hopefully most of the stormy weather come Saturday morning too! Pumpkin Festival is a RAIN or SHINE event! Activities have all been moved undercover in anticipation so everyone can stay nice and dry. After Tropical Cyclone Haima passes us on Friday, come out to the Tai Tam Campus for a BOO tastic time during the 50th Anniversary of HKIS! If the T8 signal is lowered by 8am Saturday and there are no Red or Black Rain warnings, Pumpkin Festival is on . If we are sadly still under a T8, Red or Black Rain warning, we will activate a backup plan for Sunday, October 23rd.

Please stay tuned to the PFO website or Facebook (@HKISPFO) for the latest updates.


Get ready for some fun! The PFO Pumpkin Festival is one of our most popular events of the year. You'll find games and prizes for kids, student entertainment, the always popular book sale, a delicous bake sale, shopping Boo-tique, charity expo, and 'lots of food and drinks. And free bus transportation is provided through out the event. There truly is something for everyone at this event.

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Julie Fried's Pumpkin Patch Jokes


What do you get
when you cross a
snowman & a vampire?

- Frostbite!


What kind of pants
do ghosts wear?

- Boo - Jeans!


What does a skeleton
say before dinner?

- Bone appetit!


What would you find
on a haunted beach?

- A sand-witch!


Pumpkin Festival FREE Bus Transportation

Bus Routes for PF Volunteers

7:30 a.m. - Parkview Suite, pick up along Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay Campus along Tai Tam Road to the Middle School

3:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. - Middle School along Tai Tam Road to Repulse Bay Campus, along Repulse Bay Road to Parkview Suite

Parkview Suites

10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (approximately every 30 minutes)

- Parkview Suites, T-9 and T-14 and the Middle School

Repulse Bay

10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (approximately every 30 minutes)

- 101 and 109 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay Campus and the Middle School

Stanley/Tai Tam

10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (approximately every 30 minutes)

- Stanley Beach Road, Stanley Village Road, The Manhattan, Pacific View and the Middle School

(Old) Star Ferry

10:30 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 12:00 noon

- (Old) Star Ferry (near #13 public bus stop) to Middle School

2:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

- Middle School to (Old) Star Ferry (near #13 public bus stop)

- Middle School to (Old) Star Ferry (near #13 public bus stop)

What is the Pumpkin Festival?

Pumpkin Festival is the first of the PFO's really big, awesome, over-the-top, fun day of community! Pumpkins? Check! Food? Check! Games? Check! Entertainment? Check! More? You bet!!!

It's a time for the entire HKIS community to come together and enjoy a fun-filled day. The day includes student-led entertainment, all sorts of food, carnival games and prizes, used book sale, activities by HKIS student charities, a yummy bake sale, Boo-tique shopping, and so much more. And, of course the best part -- a pumpkin patch! Just in time for Halloween.

Hosted at the Middle School campus in Tai Tam, you'll find complimentary bus transportation to and from campus throughout the day. The Dragon Shop will also be open for your convenience.

This truly is fun for the entire family! And all proceeds go back to HKIS.

Make New Friends - Join A Committee



As part of the Entertainment Committee, you'll solicit and organize time slots of student-led entertainment (singing, dance performances, instrumentals, dramatic readings, etc.) for the day, working with HKIS AV and performers to determine equipment needs. You'll also connect with the PR Committee to place a Call for Talent through school newsletters and posters.

Prizes + Donations


As part of the Prizes + Donations Committee, you'll work closely with the PFO Donations team to organize donations and oversee candy disbursement process. It's all about candy. Non-melting (ie chocolate) and peanut-free candy for Pumpkin Festival.



As part of the Decorations Committee , you'll put your glue-gun skills to good use. Designing, creating and placing for the event. You'll have a budget to purchase and craft new decorations to replace the old.



As part of the Volunteers Committee, you'll collect volunteer slots needed from other committees. Manage the online sign-up and distribution of the adult and student volunteers list. Oversee on-site volunteer sign-in. Tabulate final MS + HS volunteer hours for class and charity awards.

Bake Sale


As part of the Bake Sale Committee, you're not allowed to eat all the yummy treats. But you are allowed to request and coordinate donations of baked goods, manage online donation commitments, coordinate drop-off/collection of treats, set-up, set prices for items, oversee sales, and tear-down.



As part of the Food Committee, you'll work with vendors to provide a variety of food and drinks for the event. We have a list of vendors already committed, so you'll just need to coordinate their logistics needs, delivery, set-up and tear-down.

Used Book Sale


As part of the Used Book Sale Committee, you'll sort and organize donated used books, oversee set-up, sales and tear-down. Our current donation needs are for children's books and cook books.

Security + Transportation


As part of the Security + Transportation Committee, you'll coordinate with HKIS staff to provide adequate security measures, work with HKIS bus coordinator to organize buses for complimentary transportation to and from the event. Manage parking assignments for vendors and committee members.

Boo-tique Shopping


As part of the Shopping Boo-tique Committee, you'll request, sort and organize 'almost new' miscellaneous donated items. Set-up in the Black Box Theatre, oversee sales, and tear-down. Many items are already available in P2 storage room.

Student Charity Expo


As a part of the Charity Expo Committee, you'll connect with the HS Student Senator to determine charities, manage set-up requirements in the Black Box Theatre, and communicate rules of conduct with each charity.

Carnival Games


As part of the Games Committee, you'll inspect existing games and add new as needed. You'll design, and oversee refurbishing/production of equipment with HKIS Facilities Department as needed. Coordinate staging of game components and materials.


As part of the Logistics Committee, you'll work with key committees to organize event layout, coordinating closely with HKIS school facilities team on set-up. You'll start from an existing floorplan of previous event.

PR + Signage


As part of the PR + Signage Committee, you'll work with the PFO VP of Communications to place Pumpkin Festival announcements in the school newsletters and on the PFO website via email. You'll also help with coordinating poster and banner production, and supervise and coordinate posting of these materials with MS and HS student volunteers. Graphic designers are also welcome to help design flyers and posters.

Pumpkin Patch


As part of the Pumpkin Patch Committee, you'll oversee delivery, coordinate with HS Rugby team for unloading, and Girl Scouts for moving/set-up and wiping down pumpkins. And you'll oversee sales and on-site storage of purchased pumpkins.


There is still space available for more volunteers in the committee areas of Games, Decorations and Entertainment Stage Coordination. Now is the time to join this team of passionate and fun-loving helping hands! Our bewitching co-chairs, Bonnie Bajaj, Virginia DeBlank and Selma Benmoussa are looking forward to welcoming you! We meet Tuesday mornings and our final planning meeting will be:

Pumpkin Festival Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 18
9 - 10:30 a.m.
HS 504 Conference Room (between HoS and Admissions Offices & to left of main stairs)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please email pfo.pumpkinfestival@hkis.edu.hk or pfo.events@hkis.edu.hk for additional information.