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On behalf of all of us in Upper Primary, thank you for so thoroughly expressing your appreciation to our teachers, teacher assistants, support staff and administrators during Teacher Appreciation Week. The list is pretty long of ways you thanked us: soap, power bank, wine coupon, gift cards, wine bottles; salads, fruit platters, pasta, sandwiches and casseroles; muffins, croissants, bread and quiches; a catered lunch complete with desserts; and a lucky draw. It was non-stop appreciation. We'll miss all the attention next week, but certainly enjoyed all you did for us. Thank you to the PFO for organizing Teacher Appreciation Week (especially Amy, Heather, Sharene and Don) and thank you to all the parents who contributed in so many ways.

Thanks ever so much again for remembering us on Teacher's appreciation week!
I just wanted to give you all a big thank you for the special Teacher Appreciation Week food and gifts. Your thoughtfulness and generosity means a lot to us. And, each year, I'm in awe of all you do! Thank you again!
Please thank the PFO for the delicious food and the presents. It is not necessary to have a teacher appreciation week, but it is very nice. Teachers, counselors, and office staff very much appreciate all the special attention during the week.
Not sure who to address this to, but wanted to thank the entire PFO for the teacher appreciation week. It is so generous of the parents and feels so nice to be on the receiving end. Every day when students thank me leaving class, I appreciate the home environments they have complete with supportive families. So thanks to you!
Thank you for organizing such a nice week. I am glad that I could be a small part of it, thank you.
Many thanks for the gifts you dropped off to our office this week. They truly are appreciated.
Thank you for all the hard work you and all the wonderful parents put into this amazing event.
They are very thoughtful gifts! I used to buy their liquid soap (So soap) as well! What a great way to support the local business!
I really appreciated being appreciated if that makes sense? The shirt was an amazing gift particularly as I never win anything! Woohoo. The food was such a treat, healthy and delicious, what more could we ask for?
What a pleasure it was to see the faces of the happy UP teachers on the day I volunteered. When they saw the huge feast in front of them, they were so touched. One UP teacher I know well said that Teacher Appreciation Week was her favorite week of the year! She says it makes such a difference to the teachers to know how much we care about them.