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Dress Code + Uniform Guide


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High School Dress Code

Dress Code Guiding Principles

The High School dress code is based on our belief that student dress should reflect the values of the school and respect the seriousness of our purpose. HKIS students are expected to be appropriately dressed while on campus or representing the school elsewhere. Accordingly, they are expected to accept the spirit of the code and to follow the principles of cleanliness, neatness, modesty, and the avoidance of extremes.

Dress Code Policies

All students must wear:

  • Tops that are opaque, have sides sewn together under the armpit, cover the chest and back and overlap with the top of the bottom garment (with normal posture and movement), and have straps that cover the shoulders.
  • Pants, jeans, sweatpants, shorts, skirt, dress or leggings that cover underwear and the upper thigh and buttocks.
  • Opaque clothing must cover all the following body parts: buttocks, mid-chest, and midriff.
  • The PE uniform during PE.

All students must not wear clothing that:

  • Visibly shows undergarments.
  • Features violent language or images.
  • Features images or language depicting drugs, tobacco or alcohol, or any illegal item or activity.
  • Features hate speech, profanity, sexual innuendo or pornography.
  • Features images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment for other students.

Students may choose to:

  • Wear hats, although teachers may request their removal or addition for specific activities.
  • Colour their hair.

Students, parents, administration and faculty are responsible for ensuring that each student is in compliance with the dress code. There is a required uniform for Physical Education classes available for purchase in the Dragon Shop. During PE class or school activities requiring specific dress, students should be within the boundaries of the designated activities (such as in the pool area, dance room, gym, or auditorium). Other than these circumstances, students must be in appropriate attire while on campus and while traveling for school-sponsored activities.

A High School administrator will meet with the student and discuss the expectations of proper dress at HKIS. Depending on the violation, the student will either be expected to change clothes, put on clothes available in the main office, or sent home. If a pattern develops, parents will be informed and possibly called in for a conference.

(Taken from High School Student Handbook; Reviewed May, 2021)

Dragon Shop Shopping Hours

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