Adopt a Tree Maps

Adopt a Tree Maps

Follow the THREE (3) easy steps below to select a Tree:

1. Choose a School Division

2. Choose a Tree

3. Proceed to Adopt a Tree Spreadsheet to locate corresponding gift amount

Lower Primary School (LP)

If there is a Lower Primary classroom that you would like to adopt a planter for and it is not included on the below maps, please contact for adoption information. Thank you!

LP Ground Floor

LP Floor 2

LP Floor 3

LP Floor 4

LP Floor 5

LP Floor 6

LP Floor 7

Upper Primary School (UP)


Middle School (MS)

MS Floor 3

MS Floor S-1

MS Ground Floor and Amphitheatre

High School (HS)

HS Main Atrium

HS Floor 7

HS Floor 8

Tai Tam Field

Tai Tam Field

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