Charles W. Dull Visiting Scholar Series

Charles W. Dull Visiting Scholar Series

The Charles W. Dull Visiting Scholar Speaker Series, named for HKIS's Head of School from 1997-2001, brings distinguished speakers to HKIS to interact with students, parents and faculty through a series of assemblies and small group discussions focusing on aspects of our Mission, Vision and Student Learning Results.

Chuck Dull Speakers Series is supported by the Annual Fund and covers speaker fees and travel and accommodation expenses up to US$10,000.

Welcome to This Year's Chuck Dull Speaker - Kenneth Bae

Kenneth Bae was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1985. He attended the University of Oregon and Covenant Seminary in St. Louis before moving to China in 2006. In addition to missionary work, he worked in the travel and tourism industry, with a passion to introduce westerners to the untainted beauty of North Korea while contributing to North Korea’s economic development. He was detained in North Korea in 2012 and became the longest held American detainee since the Korean War, sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. He was released in 2014 after 735 days of detention. Rev. Bae is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor, the author of the book Not Forgotten and currently the founder and the president of Nehemiah Global Initiative, an international NGO focusing on the human rights of North Koreans.

Previous speakers

The very first Visiting Scholar was Dr. Martin E. Marty, a world-renowned scholar, and writer. He spoke to the spiritual roots of the school and the Spirituality Student Learning Result. He’s authored over a 100 books and has been honored with 100+ honorary doctorates.  He got us off to a good start, and he was followed by many outstanding men and women of substance.

Dr. Melvin Kieschnick

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Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg

Dr. Roby Marcou

Professor Chang-rae Lee

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Dr. Cara Natterson

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Loung Ung

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Process to Nominate a Speaker

Process to Nominate a Speaker

  • Anyone in the HKIS community can nominate a speaker.
  • Nominators should complete this application form and submit it to Carrie Chen, Director of Marketing.
  • A committee will review the nominations and select the speaker.
    • Committee consists of: Head of School, Provost, Marketing Team, Divisional Representatives.
    • Nominations are assessed based on the criteria:
      • Mission, Vision and Student Learning Results.
      • Breadth of audience interested in the topic.
      • Diversity of topic, to ensure a breadth of visiting expertise.
  • We accept nominations year round. Decisions on awarding a grant will take place in Spring each year for bringing a speaker for the following Academic Year. Please contact Carrie Chen, Director of Marketing, about any scheduling considerations required around speaker availability.


Chuck and Joanne Dull

Jo and I feel this Speaker Series is a great vehicle to support the education of the entire community-parents, faculty, staff, students and the others passionate about learning in Hong Kong-on cutting - edge issues in learning and to build a learning culture for all associated with HKIS. In many ways, our desire is to support the concept of “parents as educators” so we could strengthen the collaborative bond between the home and the school in the nurturing of our students.