3/F Outdoor Area

In addition to their covered playground, Reception 1 students will enjoy a special additional outdoor play area.

This allows our youngest of learners to explore, find, create, build, and move in a space filled with just the right elements to inspire creative and joyful play. This area features a dragonboat and merry-go-round, along with three basket-inspired teepees to crawl in and out of. Conveniently adjacent to the community area and classrooms, this space is quickly accessible to our smallest students so they can make the most of their break time without having to walk up to the seventh floor.


Support HKIS's youngest learners. Naming opportunities exist for the entire seventh floor rooftop playground (covered + exposed playgrounds). Recognition opportunities also are available. Please contact HKIS Advancement at 3149-7822 or advancement@hkis.edu.hk for details.

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