HKIS is so much more than bricks and mortar – it’s our community, our home.

The buildings we build support this, and are constructed with children at their heart. This will be vibrantly evident in our new Lower Primary School. Everything is designed with play in mind. Play is the work of childhood. Play is essential to the wellbeing of our youngest learners in developing their sense of self and others, their passions, their interests and their ability to think. Our buildings and programs provide countless opportunities for playful exploration, and will inspire memories that will stay with our children their whole lives.

Shared memories unite the HKIS family. And as students become alumni, our campus anchors our memories – of friendships formed, of learning, and of the encouragement and support of our teachers.

Gifts to the Kaleidoscope Fund will create an endowment to support the upkeep of the child-centered facilities at Lower Primary that see the most wear and tear from our smallest busy students: the library, innovation labs, playgrounds, community rooms, gyms, and pool. Through this dynamic lens you will ensure the continued support of play as learning and an environment that inspires and supports this journey.

Please consider supporting the Kaleidoscope Fund to ensure that all our Lower Primary students continue to have the best tools to play with and to explore our world.

Please contact HKIS Advancement with any questions: +852 3149-7822 or advancement@hkis.edu.hk. Thank you!

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