Each grade level play area has a unique feature supporting age-appropriate studies and learning, and symbolizing a piece of Hong Kong.

Reception 1 students can play in their Chinese Garden complete with pagoda and rainbow-inspired bridge. Reception 2 students can explore the concrete jungle with an attached “real” one: The Hong Kong skyline features prominently in murals and climbing features, alongside a jungle gym. Grade 1 students can explore an actual dragon’s den, surrounded by boulders and stylized giant bird cages. Grade 2 students will have their very own banyan tree forest, connected with rope canopies and tunnels.


Support HKIS's youngest learners. Naming opportunities exist for the entire seventh floor rooftop playground (covered + exposed playgrounds). Recognition opportunities also are available. Please contact HKIS Advancement at 3149-7822 or for details.

Reception 1

Reception 2

Grade 1

Grade 2

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