David F. Rittmann

Alumni Scholarship

In Memory of David F. Rittmann

Dr. David F. Rittman was HKIS’s longest-serving Head of School, from 1977-1996. He was also an inspiring English teacher and well-loved for his playfulness and love of literature. “David will be remembered as a champion of academic excellence by many thousands, both inside and outside our extended community. All of us who knew David feel blessed that he touched our lives.” -Jim Handrich

In honor of the unique legacy that David left to HKIS, the school named an Alumni Scholarship in his memory. It goes to a local student from Hong Kong, chosen from the school’s High Achievers Program or English Language Leadership Program. Awarded on the basis of merit and need, it provides full tuition for recipients to attend HKIS from Grades 10 to 12. For more information on this program and how to donate, please contact advancement@hkis.edu.hk




Applications Due July 31, 2019

  • Students must be successfully enrolled in HKIS’s English Language Leadership Program.
  • Complete a student questionnaire form.
  • Submit a scholarship essay highlighting a specific topic.
  • Interview with the selection committee.

Please contact admissions@hkis.edu.hk for details.

Past Receipients