James A. Handrich

Service Leadership Award

James A. Handrich Service Leadership Endowment Fund

This Endowment was established in June 2007 by HKIS and alumni Desmond Chu ’91 and Kenneth Koo ’79, in honor of Associate Head of School James (Jim) A. Handrich. Jim retired in July 2007. Over his 24 years with HKIS, Jim served as the Elementary School Principal, High School Principal, Interim-Head of School, and Associate Head of School.

The purpose of this Endowment is to help further the school’s Mission Statement and Student Learning Results, specifically “Self Motivated Learning” and "Contributing to Society”. Since 2007, over 20 projects have benefited from the Endowment Fund. For more information about this Fund and how to donate, please contact the Advancement Office at advancement@hkis.edu.hk.




Applications Due Dec 1, 2019

Are you a High School Student or service leadership club that is doing a project that focuses on the two SLRs: “Self Motivated Learning” or “Contributing to Society”? If so, you can apply for seed money for your projects!
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2019 Recipients

Past Endowment Recipients by Year


Senior Projects

Green Initiative: EcoCycle by Claire Liu, Matthea Najberg, Gabrielle Vardanega, Joy Chen and Melanie Chan

Cooking with Kids! by Celeste Lee, Rei Yamada and Tricia Cheuk


Senior Projects

Food is Lit by Myka Umali and Melody Na

Torchy: Red Rope Livelihood program by Olivia Cherry

Seize The Day: Childhood Book on Epilepsy by Anthea Lovett


Senior Projects

TedxYouth@HKIS by Charmaine Chan, Rachelle Hung and Evadne Sanussi

Computers to Cambodia by Neil Slighton

Junior Projects

VolunteerConnect by Yash Bardoloi


Senior Projects

Sustainable Agriculture Education at HKIS by Sophia Brown

The Empowerment Handbook: Service Through Empowerment by Brittany Fried and Caroline Scown

Crafts for the Disabled by Nicole Lui, Pooja Sadhwani and Saki Tsunoda

Junior Projects

Book for the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) by Arthur Fukuda and Anant Majumdar


Senior Project

Taste of Love ~ Cookbook for Cambodia by Ava Miller and Charmaine Shih


Senior Projects

Ndoto conference by Anna Zhou and Karen Lee

Yaowawit School Maxine Lai and Carina Chen


Senior Projects

Energy-Generating Bicycle by Jennifer Ho, Tara Lorimer, Jack Pong, Annie So and Jonathan Vuylsteke

The students worked to construct an energy-generating bicycle that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy with the aim of charging small devices, such as mobile phones. The purpose of the project was to inspire students to consider the environmental impact of their energy usage and to become more aware of energy i initiatives.

Rugby for Refugees by Alec Diao

This project aimed to instill a sense of strength, pride and hope in Hong Kong refugees and asylum seekers through the camaraderie, teamwork and fun of the sport of rugby. The event was held in March 2012.

School in Island of Malapscua, Philippines by Hannah Passamonte and Grace Caywood

Two students executed a talent show in order to raise funds to sponsor the education of 92 underprivileged children at a school. Using the Handrich grant, they visited the school, together with the HKIS school nurse, to provide basic medical check-ups for the students.

Help 2 Help by Jacqueline Chau, John Hare, Evan Lo and Christy Wong

Four students aimed to create a web-based platform where specialists who wish to donate their time and talents can connect with charitable organizations that seek their support. This platform performs a 'matching service' in which specialists, who log their available time and expertise, are linked with charities that require assistance.

Service in Cambodia by Ellen Koo

Three students purchased and installed improved electricity infrastructure for the Bakong Primary and High School in Cambodia. The infrastructure improvements allowed the school to reduce its monthly power expenses by approximately 50%. As a result, the school is able to have power throughout the school day, enabling students to benefit from improved lighting and the use of computers.


Senior Projects

Water Sanitation and Service in Bos Plu Village, Cambodia by

CLC Girls’ Scholarship Program by Tracy Tang, Chloe Nguy, Victoria Chen, Joyce Yam and Nicola Tang

New Life Center by Suzette Gaynor, Sharon Lam, Rachel Corrigan

People's Cafe by Monish Sabani, Charlie Kwok, Ariane Turley and Audrey Schalhoub

Tasikoki by Wealthee Chan and Jonathan Ng


Senior Projects

Research and Cultural Exchange of the Jiangmen Scholarship Program by Genny Chin, Tiffany Wu and Clara Hung

Lose the Shoes by Stephen Liu and Ethan Hallberg

Flash Mob and Its Relation to Service by Yan Chu, Kelly Lo and Dhruv Jhunjhnuwala

Heal Africa by Brian Mulcahy, Scott Rau and Anthony Abdelnou Chagamoto

River Styx by Lynette Chen, Yeh-Jin Lee, Katherine Ng and Emily Tsai


Senior Projects

Me to We Organic T-shirt by Bianca Ponziani

Lose the Shoes by Drew Mehrmann and Rob Burroughs

Art Service Project with Upper Primary Children by Yvonne Yu and Olivia May

Music Therapy with the Elderly by Jeremy Wong and Rachel Chan


Senior Projects

Documentary regarding poverty and social injustice in Cambodia by Charmaine Chen, Dominic Wu and Joanne Lam

Documentary regarding volunteer experience in Kolkata, India by Cara Isley, Eleanor Gartner, Kristin Mui and Abigail Cunningham

Fundraise to help build water project in Yunan, China (partnering with Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation) by Fiona Chu, Sherry Liu and Eunice Chow