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The inclusion of the arts as an essential component of the curriculum promotes the HKIS student learning results. Each discipline of the arts offers specialized knowledge and skills, set within a broader context of guided creativity and aesthetic awareness. The study of the arts fosters a deeper understanding of self, empathy for others, global understanding and spiritual awareness.

Design and Technology

Our goals at HKIS are to make technology accessible to all students, to provide learning opportunities throughout the entire curriculum, to use a wide-range of information and communication tools, and to develop information literacy skills. We expect to see all students graduate from HKIS with a good understanding of design thinking. Students should be able to use appropriate technologies to gather information strategically and critically, to learn and create new knowledge with this information and to communicate that knowledge successfully to various audiences.

To give students the opportunity to become proficient users of technology and creators of media content, HKIS provides a range of design and technology classes. Although credits from Design and Technology courses are not a graduation requirement, any well-rounded student should very strongly consider taking at least one technology-focused course while at HKIS.

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