High School Counseling 

The counseling program includes individual attention and group activities to promote academic achievement, facilitate post-secondary planning, and foster personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

Through coordination and consultation the professional school counselors serve to support all members of the HKIS High School community in the following ways:

  • School counselors promote personal, interpersonal, emotional, academic and career development for all students through proactive classroom programs and other services. In addition, a variety of parent meetings are sponsored and hosted by the counseling department.
  • School counselors meet yearly with students individually and in small groups to review, guide, and support them through the academic and college planning process.
  • In consultation with school leadership and department heads, counselors review student school records and help students plan their course selections each year. Counselors recommend that students are enrolled in a balanced schedule that is appropriately rigorous, challenging and also supportive of post-secondary educational goals.
  • Counselors collaborate regularly with teachers, administrators and parents to discuss student needs and to provide comprehensive support for their growth and development.
  • The school-counseling program equips students to develop competencies in decision-making, career planning, interpersonal relationships, personal responsibility and other skills essential for being a productive citizen.
  • Counselors provide information and support to students and families about academic programming and community resources. They provide prevention, intervention and crisis response services to students and families. When necessary, counselors refer students and families to outside resources.
  • Counselors collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to identify and address students’ needs.