High School Humanities 

(English/Social Studies/Religion)

We believe that Humanities Education:

Inspires students and teachers in a thoughtful, collaborative exploration of the human experience. We value the question as much as the answer, the process as much as the product, and connections as much as the content. We commit to an environment where empathetic, socially conscious learners act in local, national, spiritual and global communities.

We believe that engaged Humanities learners:

  • Practice self-reflection, contemplation, and curiosity as habits of mind.
  • Engage with multiple perspectives.
  • Build knowledge and effectively communicate ideas.
  • Work together and learn from one another.
  • Pursue innovation and take risks.

We agree that Humanities Education happens best when learning:

  • Is relevant and authentic.
  • Is intellectually challenging and emotionally engaging.
  • Promotes student choice, ownership, and self-efficacy.
  • Involves both teachers and students collaboratively in exploration and discovery.
  • Inspires wonder and hope.