High School Mathematics

Mathematics is a dynamic discipline that prepares students for a world that requires logical thinking and quantitative analysis. Learning is about understanding, and the Mathematics Department engages students and teachers in a shared, inquiry-based learning experience. This process of learning develops confidence, understanding, imaginative thinking, persistence, resilience and collaboration.

Mathematics is content and process; therefore, students should experience both. The content and methods of teaching mathematics at HKIS reflect the Common Core Standards, developing upon essential conceptual understandings and procedures. Mathematics provides powerful tools for mindful processing of information. Through courses in the Mathematics Department, students acquire quantitative reasoning skills designed to prepare them for further study of mathematics and related fields. They are also equipped to make informed decisions and interpret the world intelligently whatever their future endeavors. Modeling, reasoning, communication, connections, and representation are now the cornerstones of mathematics. While traditional methods may still have a place in the classroom, the primary emphasis and responsibility for learning has shifted away from the teacher and toward the student. Independent and collaborative problem- solving receives greater attention than in the past to enhance student understanding and learning. In addition, the use of graphing calculators has opened up new possibilities for solving problems as well as investigating the underlying principles of mathematics.

Throughout the mathematics courses, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Common Core standards are used on a daily basis in selecting content, planning for learning opportunities, and designing assessments. Extensive use of graphing calculators requires students to own a TI-NSPIRE CAS.