High School Science

The goal of the science department is to inspire and prepare scientifically literate students who will have the skills to synthesize, analyze and evaluate in our information-driven society. Courses are designed to foster inquiry and creativity through laboratory and research activities where students are expected to collaborate effectively. Courses aspire to facilitate an understanding of the ways that science, technology, environment, society and culture influence each other. Students are provided with tools to make decisions regarding responsible use of earth’s resources.

HKIS science courses are divided into specific disciplines that meet students’ interests, needs and ability levels. The Physical Science course offers the essential fundamental background for all scientific disciplines offered and should be taken by the majority of students.

Students who have taken Physical Science or who have the appropriate skill level and the recommendation of their current science teacher may register for Chemistry Honors or Biology Honors. Students may choose to take physics, chemistry or biology in any order, provided they meet the prerequisites. Introductory level courses may be taken before any of the Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a particular discipline. A minimum of two credits of science is required during the student’s high school career. One of these must be a full year of biology, and the other must be a full year of physical science, chemistry or physics. It is recommended to take more than two credits in science.

Registration for all science courses requires the final approval of the student’s current science teacher or the Science Department Head.