Each academic year, all Middle School students participate in a week of activities outside of the classroom.

PEAK (Programs of Extended Activities for Kids) are designed to enrich the curriculum with hands-on experiences and enhance students’ interpersonal and leadership skills. Our PEAK trips are planned to support students’ growth in the Chinese Culture Student Learning Result (SLR) as well as in the Character Development and Contributing to Society SLRs.

Grade 6


Grade 6 students embark on a five-day adventure in Beijing, China, the perfect place to begin the MS China PEAK experience and learn about Chinese culture and history!

As they visit the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Hutongs and Tiananmen Square in Beijing students will learn to become more independent travelers. They will have the opportunity to sample a variety of local foods including Peking duck. Mornings will be filled engaging in activities at the Temple of Heaven or viewing an Acrobatic show. All part of experiencing and learning about Chinese life.

Grade 7


In Grade 7, there is a choice of five PEAK experiences. Each one is located in Hong Kong. The focus for all five trips will be on character development, teamwork, and leadership. Each trip will be adventure based and designed for students to interact closely as a group while experiencing some of the most beautiful outdoors of Hong Kong.

Accommodation will include a mixture of camping and dorm rooms. Activities will include kayaking, trekking, zip lining, rock climbing and sailing.

Grade 8


In Grade 8, students will have a choice of trips to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These trips focus on contributing to society through the opportunity and involve students in a variety of service activities. These may include working with children in orphanages and schools, construction work assisting a small community or working on an environmental project.

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