Technology at HKIS

Technology @ HKIS

At HKIS, we embrace technology to enhance teaching and learning while building a community of learners. Technology provides HKIS with new opportunities to engage learners and increases our flexibility in the delivery of our curriculum. It can enhance existing lessons and offer a more effective resource to develop understanding within classrooms. HKIS's use of technology empowers students to collaborate in their classes and in a larger global community. It improves efficiency in learning by increasing student access to countless educational resources and provides new opportunities to us as educators to evaluate and improve our teaching methods.

Since 2009, HKIS has had a common digital learning platform. Whether school-owned or student-owned, each student has access to a laptop with age-appropriate software to support their learning. Teachers receive ongoing support and coaching to enhance their teaching and learning skills from their divisional Technology Coach, their personal growth fund (provided by HKIS), and their own personal learning network. Students learn to identify, filter, assess, and organize data in order to become critical thinkers and creators of knowledge. HKIS seeks to encourage students and teachers alike out of their safety zone by providing them with the tools they need to take risks and to ask more of themselves and their learning networks.

By concentrating less on the outcomes and more on the how and why, HKIS students come to understand knowledge is a process and not something that is looked up. With answers a few keystrokes or mouse clicks away, instant knowledge lies at a student's fingertips and at no intellectual cost. HKIS strives to teach students how to devise questions that cannot be simply looked up; we guide students to infuse their learning with integrity and self-respect.

We strive to embed technology into the fabric of learning. Whilst this present a multitude of opportunities for the ingenious learner, it can also introduce a multitude of challenges for the undisciplined student. We aim to guide and assist students to manage these challenges and to balance creativity, innovation and resilience to develop a framework of lifelong learning.


Reception 1 - Grade 2

  • iPads are available for use in the classroom.

Grade 3 - 5

  • Each student has an iPad provided by the school that stays on campus.

Grade 6 - 12

The MacBook for the BYOM program may be purchased here (this link will take you to an external website).

  • BYOM: From Grade 6 all students supply their own computer in accordance with the Bring your own MacBook (BYOM) program. Current specifications:
    • Operating system: MacOS 12 (Monterey) or later
    • Processor: Apple M1 chip or faster
    • Memory: 8GB RAM
    • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Notes:
    • In addition to the Macbook, you also need a USB-C to USB adaptor from Apple.
    • Students will also require access to a personal Apple ID to keep software up to date.