Camp provides an opportunity for character development and having fun and is a highlight of our students’ school year.

Upper Primary’s camp experience takes place in October each year and the whole division goes off to camp as part of our educational program. Camp is an integral part of the Upper Primary program and all children are expected to attend.

Camp is a three day/two night experience. Depending on which camp students are attending, they can participate in the study of oceanography, orienteering, insects, creative writing, classification of plants, arts and crafts, religion, drama, and a host of other topics. In addition, students take part in activities like archery, tennis, swimming, rock climbing, track and field events, and rope courses. At Camp, children work in teams, are responsible for following schedules, maintaining their cabins, taking positive risks, practicing flexibility, and experiencing some time away from home in a structured and safe setting.

Living together 24 hours a day is a challenging experience and contributes greatly to a sense of community among students, parents, and teachers. For camp to be successful we need the help of parents both during the day and overnight.

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