Teaching & Learning Overview

Teaching & Learning at Upper Primary School

HKIS recognizes that children have different strengths, areas of growth, and develop at different rates. We also acknowledge that children have a variety of interests and backgrounds. Our school’s learning environment is designed to accommodate a flexible learning program that emphasizes varied student groupings, assignments and activities geared to meet individual learning needs. HKIS stimulates student interest and involvement by making learning an active and creative endeavor. A mutual feeling of respect, trust and independence is fostered as children are encouraged to make good choices and judgments with regard to effective use of time and efforts. The course of study at HKIS incorporates the standards and benchmarks that are widely used in the United States.  Please click below to learn more about the core subjects + specials taught at the Upper Primary School.

Core Subjects

Specialist Subjects

Student Services Center at Upper Primary School

Counseling and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program, Learning Specialists, Enrichment Services 

We believe that all students need opportunities, experiences and necessary support to be successful and reach their full potential. Individual learning differences are acknowledged and addressed through collaboration among classroom teachers, Student Service professionals, parents and administrators. Such an inclusive approach creates a learning environment where students can develop the skills and characteristics of a successful student and a life-long learner. Working in partnership with classroom teachers and parents, the Student Services staff provides additional support for students’ individual needs. Staff includes guidance counselors, learning specialists and Enrichment Specialist. In order to provide the most effective services for students, it is expected that parents work closely with school personnel to provide any additional interventions or to implement recommendations such as counseling, psycho-educational evaluations or speech/language therapy. 

Program Objectives 
  • Provide opportunities where students can experience and achieve success.
  • Link student needs with appropriate support.
  • Design and implement interventions that bridge student learning gaps with classroom expectations.
  • Increase student self-awareness of learning strengths and challenges.
  • Encourage student self-advocacy.
  • Provide strategies, information, supplemental materials and other resources to classroom teachers, administrators, students and parents.