English Language Leadership Program




The philosophy behind the program is to give back to the Hong Kong community out of appreciation for its help and support over the years.

Here's a video which briefly shows what the course is all about.



The English Language Leadership Program (ELLP) has served the local community since 2001. The Program was designed around the needs and interests of local school students and teachers as reported in a survey conducted in 2000. In this survey, students and teachers identified various topics of interest and indicated a desire to incorporate technology into activities. The survey also highlighted a demand for literacy skills to be addressed, as they would in a mainstream English class - with a focus on developing confidence and collaborative skills of students, while fostering a love of reading and writing.


The objective of this accelerated program is to provide gifted students from Hong Kong the opportunity to experience and develop active learning and independent and creative thinking skills in English. More importantly, the program focuses on the idea of making a difference. The program is student-centered and activity-based, rather than content-driven. This means students learn by active participation and reflection on what they are learning.

Challenging course content, low student-teacher ratio, a safe and supportive community combine with the company of other talented students to make up the English Language Leadership Program experience.


All of HKIS’ indoor facilities at Tai Tam campus include air-conditioned classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, swimming pool, and gymnasiums, and outdoor facilities include tennis courts and rock climbing walls. These facilities are open to students attending the English Language Leadership Program.

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