High School Summer Academic Term

2019 High School Summer Academic Term

Taking courses during the Summer Academic Term allows students increased flexibility and choice in managing their four-year program of study at the high school.
ON CAMPUS AND ONLINE COURSES: Academic Handbook (see page 166)
  • Summer Academic Term courses are intensive and demanding because the work of an entire semester is compressed into two weeks.
  • In view of the intensive nature of the program, students should not be enrolled in other courses or programs while enrolled in Summer Academic Term.
  • Students enrolling in a course must commit themselves to successfully completing the course and participating fully in the program.
  • Students may expect significant homework for each day in class.
  • HKIS reserves the right to dismiss a student from any course, without a refund, if that student displays harmful or inappropriate behavior toward faculty, other students or property.

Check course prerequisites for eligibility. Students not enrolled at HKIS are not eligible. Graduating seniors may enroll in courses open to students entering Grade 12.


Given the intensity of the courses, students must attend every session in order to meet the requirements for credit.

NOTE: Because of the intensity of the summer course schedule, students are not allowed to enroll in more than one course.


All courses in the program are for credit.

Students will be issued a Report Card with the course grade and credit awarded. This information will also appear on the Semester 1 transcript of the following academic year.

Students enrolled during the summer are still required to take a minimum of 6 credits during the regular school year.