Home Learning

Common Agreement: Home Learning Policy

In the Upper Primary School, we are committed to the study and analysis of the most current research and practices regarding home learning for our students. It is in this spirit, that our philosophies and policies around home learning are ever evolving. We know a variety of studies have demonstrated that teachers and parents can foster positive approaches to learning through the routine of home learning. Self-regulation, perseverance and personal responsibility can be developed through home learning. While fostering independence and responsibility, home learning can engage parents by providing opportunities for discussion and exploration around current topics and learning goals. 

As home learning is intended to be an extension or reinforcement of concepts and skills explored while in school, there should be opportunities for students to work independently, as well as to share learning at home with family members. All Upper Primary School students should be reading outside of school hours throughout the week. Students can read for pleasure within the grade level guidelines or in addition to the guidelines.  Teachers can give specific guidelines and details around goals and expectations for each child. Home learning expectations may look different each night and there may not be home learning every night during the week.  Our goal is to find the balance between consistency and personalization for each of our students. As with anything assigned, should a student not understand directions or expectations, parents and students can communicate with the teacher as an opportunity for further feedback. 

Recognizing the value and importance of family time, our practice is to not assign home learning over weekends and holiday vacations. In the event that there are absences or long-term projects, there may be a need to extend home learning into weekends. In addition, should family activities during the school week prevent students from completing home learning, we ask that parents and students communicate with your child’s teacher so your child can work with his/her teacher to create a plan moving forward.


Home Learning Guidelines:

Grade 3 – 30 minutes per day, including 5-10 minutes of Chinese Studies

Grade 4 – 40 minutes per day, including 5-10 minutes of Chinese Studies

Grade 5 – 50 minutes per day, including 5-10 minutes of Chinese Studies