Kid Friendly Tech

Common Agreement: Kid Friendly Tech

Computer Use

  • I will use the computer for learning purposes.

  • I will use the computer with permission or when it is appropriate. 

  • I will be a good digital citizen.

  • I will communicate positively and I will not use technology to bully others.

  • I will be on task when using the computer in class.

  • "People before screens" 

  • I will pause my computer work to pay attention to classmates and teachers when they are speaking. 

  • I will respect others' computers and computer privacy.

Computer Care

  • I will hold the computer with two hands at all times.

  • I will use the computer carefully at home and school and only in appropriate locations. I will be responsible for our computer. 

  • I will walk when in transition with my computer.

  • I will put my computer down in a safe and clean area.

  • I will keep food and drinks away from the computer. 

  • I will clean the computer in a responsible way.

Internet Safety

  • I will use sites that are safe and educational. 

  • I will create a safe and secure password. 

  • I will stay away from using suspicious emails, chain emails, and other spam. 

  • I will communicate with an adult if I have a safety issue on the computer. 

  • I will only share basic information when communicating online (first name, general location).