Communication to UP Principals

Communication with UP Principals

Your principals want to support you. Please keep them informed when: 

  • you are concerned about a child’s academic or social development
  • you have a parent concern, or need support in dealing with any type of conflict. Often, processing a situation can be helpful.
  • you or your team have any special upcoming events, field trips or special arrangements for your classroom.  Whenever possible, principals like to attend activities in your classroom and take part in these events
  • you need a sick day or personal leave
  • you have something you'd like to celebrate! 


If you would like to meet with your principal, please arrange a time with one of the UP Secretaries:

  • Kristi Granquist -- Chloe Wong at
  • Genta Branstetter -- Cecilia Chau at
  • Ben Hart -- Remy Kaur at