Assessment, Grading and Reporting Philosophy

Assessment, Grading and Reporting 

Assessment, grading and reporting are elements of a feedback cycle that supports learning. Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering a variety of evidence of student learning, and is embedded within the cycles of teaching and learning. Evidence may be collected through a range of developmentally appropriate methods, for example observation, conversation with students and reviews of student work and performances. Grading is the process of evaluating student evidence against a set of standards/criteria in order to provide feedback to students about their progress toward the intended learning. Reporting is the communication of learning progress, growth, and achievement to students, parents and the wider community.
At HKIS, we believe...
The purpose of an effective assessment, grading and reporting system is to clearly, accurately, and consistently support student learning, by communicating learning progress, growth, and achievement to students, families, educators, and external institutions. This ensures all members have the information they need to make important decisions about a student’s readiness for future opportunities.