Field Trips

Field Trips

In the Upper Primary, we believe that off-site field trips can provide students with meaningful opportunities to bring their learning to life. As such, teams are encouraged to plan engaging field trip experiences for their students. When planning a trip, teachers will need to:


  1. Ensure that the field trip experience connects to students' learning. 
  2. Check to see if funds are available in the team's budget.
  3. Complete a Local Field Trip Risk Assessment. 
  4. Arrange for transportation, as needed. 
  5. Communicate with Single-Subject and Chinese Studies teachers when students' schedules are affected. 
  6. Inform the nurse of the details for your trip. 
  7. When details have been planned, Team Leaders should get approval from their supervising principal. 
  8. Once approved, provide parents with at least two week's notice. (Note: Families sign a waiver at the beginning of every year on Power School, granting HKIS permission to take children off site. You do not need permission slips for field trips.)  


  1. Teachers should carry their First Aid kit and students' medical kits, as provided by the nurse. 
  2. To help identify children in various classes, it is recommended that children wear their Camp T-Shirts when on a field trip. 
  3. Teachers should count their students on the bus before departing the school and the off-site location.


  1. Return student medical kits to the nurse.