Lunch Procedures



Seating Arrangement: Students will have assigned seats in the cafeteria. Grade levels will design the seating arrangements. All changes must be updated in the document. Grade levels are encouraged to organize and update this system. 

Lunches: Students will pre-order their meals in advance. Assisstants will provide the popsicle stick for students who have ordered lunch. Use this Google Doc for Orders. Sandwich, fruit & drink option will cost $50. Staff Lunch will cost $30. 

*If a child has forgotten his/her lunch, Sodexo will provide a lunch for them. An "I owe you" will be provided and followed up with the assistants. 

Entrance:  Students are encouraged to wash their hands in advance of entering the cafeteria. All students should use hand sanitizer when entering the cafeteria. 

Red, Yellow and Green Sections enter at the second entrance (far left)

Purple, Pink and Blue Sections enter at the first entrance

Student who have ordered lunch will walk to the back of the cafeteria to collect their lunches and return to their seat. 

While in the cafeteria: Students need to stay seated throughout lunch. Staff on duty will dismiss students based on section.

Snack: Similar to lunch, Snack will take place in the cafeteria. Please see the schedule for your designated snack time. Teachers will be supervising snack time.