Mandatory Busing Policy

Mandatory Bussing Policy

All UP and LP students are required to take the bus to school (arriving between 7:15-7:45 a.m.) and home at 2:50 p.m. dismissal time (3 p.m. departure). Students who live within a predetermined walking radius of the Repulse Bay campus may walk home with adult supervision. Fifth graders who live within this predetermined walking radius may walk home unaccompanied with parent permission; parents must give consent in the transportation section of PowerSchool. For detailed information regarding the walking zone for families, please see the Walkers section of the handbook for more information.
All parents, apart from those of walkers, are required to accept the mandatory busing requirement. Parents agree to these terms when they update their family information at the beginning of the school year on the PowerSchool portal. By signing off on PowerSchool, the school will hold all family members accountable to HKIS policies regarding busing and private vehicle access to the campuses. If parents do not abide by mandatory busing rules, their child's enrollment at HKIS could be jeopardized. 

After-school Activities: Students involved in afterschool activities are strongly encouraged, but not mandated, to take the 4 p.m. buses. These buses include a Bus Supervisor for student safety.