Welcome to Hong Kong International School (HKIS)! When you explore our school website you will notice an expressive red ribbon flowing through the images and words on the pages. While striking, it’s much more than just a beautiful design element.

As this ribbon symbolically weaves through the school, it represents an important unifying force at HKIS—our mission and the journey our students take. Our mission ties all of our programs together, it gives purpose to our spaces, it guides our teachers and it defines how our students learn. It ties us together as one school. Our mission is dynamic in how it moves through everything we do and stimulates progress. For these reasons, HKIS is proudly mission-driven.

What is our mission?

Dedicating our minds to inquiry, our hearts to compassion, and our lives to service and global understanding. An American-style education grounded in the Christian faith and respecting the spiritual lives of all.


picture of Ron Roukema, HKIS Head of School

HKIS empowers students to be inquisitive about themselves and the world around them. We encourage them on a path to become empathetic thinkers by asking important questions. They explore their passions and identity, develop essential critical thinking skills, and cultivate a strong sense of character and integrity. Students become compassionate global citizens who make a meaningful impact. 

HKIS is where great students become great people.

Lutheran missionaries from the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in partnership with American business leaders founded HKIS in 1966, grounding our school in the Christian faith while respecting the spiritual lives of all. This perspective, embedded in our mission, gives HKIS a unique approach to learning in that we believe each student is loved and has a purpose.

As the red ribbon leads you on an exploration of HKIS beyond this letter, you will discover a community of passionate parents, students, teachers, and alumni, exceptional facilities, impressive learning opportunities, vibrant student life, and inspiring stories that bring the HKIS mission to life. You will encounter something we talk about often: The power of place— our unique location, the culture and legacy of Hong Kong, and our mission combined. You will see how the ribbon, our place, and our mission tie the HKIS journey together.

At HKIS, you learn with compassion, you solve with inquiry, and you serve with courage to shape a remarkable future. With HKIS, we grow.

On behalf of this community, we look forward to your family joining us on a lifelong learning journey.

With gratitude,

Ron Roukema
Interim Head of School
Hong Kong International School

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