HKIS believes co-curricular activities are integral to the total education experience for students. The co-curricular program supports the actualization of the school’s mission, vision and student learning results (SLRs). Co-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to explore and pursue areas of interest in diverse environments, promoting the development of both collaborative and individual knowledge and skills. These experiences, when pursued appropriately, promote the fulfillment of a healthy and balanced life.


At the Middle School, students participate in clubs during the school day, allowing them to try new things. Students will have a wide range of clubs to choose from creative, physical, social, leadership, and service-oriented clubs. There are four club rotations throughout the year, with the goal being for students to engage in a wide variety of activities to help identify and cultivate their interests and passions. The third rotation of clubs will be sheltered time for students to work on Self-Motivated Learning (SML) projects.

We also offer clubs that take place outside of the school day.  Clubs such as Model UN, Mathcounts, and our Green Dragons sustainability club take place after school.

Sample list of clubs


In High School, students are offered a wide variety of clubs and activities in which to participate after school. We encourage students to choose one or two clubs or activities based on interest, time commitment, and dedication to its cause. Club members attend meetings, contribute ideas, and participate in events.

Sample list of clubs

Students who have demonstrated dedication and passion for a club or activity, can apply for a leadership position. A Leadership Retreat for High School students  is held twice a year (in the Fall and the Spring) where students learn to organize meetings, events, engage in philanthropy, and learn skills that focus on working closely with fellow students, faculty members, and the community. Balancing academics, co-curricular activities, and personal time with family and friends is something that good leadership should model.

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