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A registered Section 88 charity in Hong Kong, HKIS is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization or charity. Like all non-profit schools and organizations, HKIS generates the funds needed to operate the school through limited revenue sources.

Unlike for-profit schools, which have owners and shareholders to satisfy with financial dividends, HKIS is legally bound like all other Section 88 charities to generate only enough revenue to accomplish its mission. Since its founding, HKIS has built a tradition of providing parents, alumni and philanthropists with the unique opportunity to support the school in realizing its vision and mission.

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The HKIS we know today was not created in a vacuum. 

It took generations of parents and alumni supporting the school as volunteers and board members, of dedicated community stewards going the extra mile for the sake of their children. It is in this spirit of giving and generosity that countless families have contributed the resources needed to build HKIS into what it is today. And it will be the parents and alumni of today and into the future who will, through their generosity, ensure that HKIS remains one of the best international schools in the world.

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The HKIS Impact Report 2022-23

To learn more about the impact of your giving and why other parents and alumni support the school, explore the most recent edition of The Impact Report.

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