Supporting the HKIS mission starts with daily effort. Annual Giving, which you can support any time of the year as often as you wish, makes sure that teachers have what they need every day so that students learn every day. Grow every day. Explore every day.  

Supporting the Mission

Students learn every day because teachers teach every day. Teachers teach every day because they have the things they need in the classroom. Teachers need supplies and materials—everything from extra crayons for those times when they just didn’t make it to school, to white boards and projectors and lab supplies. Students in the choir need sturdy, safe risers to see the director. Safety equipment makes rugby, soccer and swimming safe and fun.

Teachers also need support from education professionals who make sure everything works, everything is in place, and ready each morning.Support the daily mission of HKIS through Annual Giving today.


Give to What You Care About

Whether you are passionate about supporting arts, music, sports programs or the school’s immediate need, you can make an impact in a way that is most meaningful to you. There are seven categories you can choose to designate your Annual Fund gift.


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