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UPDATE: The Southern District Council has requested public feedback on this project by Friday, December 28, 2018. Please view letters about the Sports and Activity Center here, and the Teaching, Learning and Innovation Center here. Note that they are requesting feedback by mail or fax. You can consider emailing Ms. Kwok at the Lands Department here. For convenience, we have drafted this message of support which you can use for your comments:

Dear Ms. Kwok [eshkwsls@landsd.gov.hk] [sdcadm@sdc.had.gov.hk],
RE: Lands Department File Ref: LD DLO/HS 1/SHPT/2013 IV & LD DLO/HS 1/SHPT/2018
Lands Department 
Information Note for Consultation of Private Treaty Grant Application for Student Activities Centre & Learning & Technology Centre To Hong Kong International School, Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Hong Kong

I/we support the above proposal, and my/our reasons are:

-LD DLO/HS 1/SHPT/2013 IV provides sports facilities for community use in the Southern District
-LD DLO/HS 1/SHPT/2013 IV provides parking facilities to ease traffic congestion in the Southern District
-LD DLO/HS 1/SHPT/2013 IV supports the physical health of youth in Hong Kong
-LD DLO/HS 1/SHPT/2018 provides a center for the professional development of educators in the region

Thank you for considering this position in approving the proposal. 

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Developing HKIS's facilities is an important way that we can ensure that each student gets the best educational experience possible. We share information here so our community can know what we’re working towards. 

The development of our Lower Primary and Upper Primary Schools in Repulse Bay is now complete. In Tai Tam, we have applied for a land grant to develop two lots next to our campus. One would be for a new Student Activity Center, and the other for a Teaching, Learning and Innovation Center. 

We held an Open House to discuss the project and its impacts to the community during and after the building development on Thursday, December 13. You can download the presentation here, which includes images and floor plans of the development.

Project Information:
• Today, over 3,000 people use HKIS’s Tai Tam campus every weekend, including students and families outside of HKIS.
• To support this need and add more activities, HKIS plans to build a new facility and relocate these activities to this new building.
• The Student Activity Center will include 180 car park spaces, which will remove private vehicles from surrounding area roadways.
• HKIS expands facilities to provide greater educational value to families in Hong Kong to enhance the physical, emotional and mental health of the community.
• HKIS opens our campus for community use as available. The new Student Activity Center will serve to provide more activities and facilities to the southside community.
• The Teaching, Learning and Innovation Center will provide greater opportunity for collaboration with the local education community.

Please send inquiries to TaiTamDevelopment@hkis.edu.hk 

Facilities for Our Future

We’re always looking at the best and innovative ways to offer all kinds of education for our students. A purpose built Student Activity Center next to the Tai Tam sports field would give our students exceptional sporting facilities and allow them to experience a huge variety of sports and wellness activities. Such a facility would free up space in the High School to build a 1,000 seat performance hall, a light-filled visual arts center.

Following the construction of the Student Activity Center, the second lot, next to our Middle School, is proposed to be a Teaching, Learning and Innovation Center. It is HKIS's goal to ensure that this would be a center for professional development for the region, and support academic excellence.

Student Activity Center

The Student Activity Center could include a swimming pool, field viewing area, large gymnasium, weights rooms, studio space, tennis courts, batting cages, and a café. It would also have parking underneath for 200 cars.

Teaching, Learning & Innovation Center

One option under consideration for Site B is to create a center for professional learning in the region. Currently at HKIS, professional development and parent education takes place in student learning spaces. This takes away from space students can use during the day, and means that we can't offer as many professional development opportunities as we would like at the school. Improving our conference capabilities would allow us to expand professional development and enrich student learning. These professional development opportunities will also help us attract and retain the best faculty.

The space would include a 250 seat auditorium for educational programs including conference/guest speakers. Model Classrooms could be developed for instructional development and teacher orientation/in-service, and space could be made available for partnerships with regional and international organizations to enhance professional development or research projects

Performance Hall

Seating 1,000 people, the Performance Hall will be the heart of the campus and the perfect place for assemblies and performances. Currently HS & MS gyms are the imperfect gathering place for our MS and HS divisions, for music performances, and parent events. But gyms are not meant to be performance halls. Creating a purpose-built space means we will have a facility that not only is functional, but also performs at a high level to match the quality of our programs.

Centering this facility in heart of the campus allows for easy access and use by both the HS and MS. Community gatherings and Chapel along with student performances. In addition, a Performance Hall would mean that students could practice where they perform, helping hone their skills and fine tune their performances.

New Cafeterias for the Middle and High Schools

Moving cafeterias to this performance hub area means that we create a unified cafeteria and kitchen in the current MS Gym, freeing up other space for student learning. By co-locating with the performance hall, this space will also serve those events hosted there. This means more people can attend events as well as activities scheduled before and following. Smaller function rooms in this area would be used for meetings, and other group activities.

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