Board Committees

Board Committees

HKIS Board Committees are comprised of Board members, administrators and community members (marked with *) who are invited to serve on select committees. The Chair of the Board and the Head of School are ex-officio members of all committees.


Executive Committee

Harold Kim, Chair
David Kan, Facilities Chair
Ji-Il Kwon, Finance Chair
Vincent Li, CoT Chair
Wei Dian, Advancement Chair
Ron Roukema, Head of School, Interim

Committee on Trustees

The Committee on Trustees makes recommendations to the Board concerning the composition of the Board—identifying, recruiting and proposing new trustees. In addition, this committee coordinates the identification, recruitment and selection of Board committee members in consultation with the Board chair, the Head of School, and the relevant Board committee chairs. Finally, the Committee on Trustees facilitates the Board’s self-assessment, its plans for leadership succession, and the professional development of trustees through orientation, training, and on-going education.

Vincent Li, Chair
Tim Blakely, Board of Trustee
Tina Gaw, Board of Trustee
Harold Kim, Board of Trustee
Ron Roukema. Board of Trustee
Joel Scheiwe, Board of Trustee

Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee assists the Board in its policy-setting responsibilities for major directions in development, fundraising, planned giving, alumni relations programs, communications, public relations and marketing. The Annual Fund Committee provides regular updates to the Advancement Board Committee. 

Board Members:
Wei Dian, Chair
Karena Belin
Leontine Chuang '93

Harold Kim
Ron Roukema

Committee Administrators: 
Geoff Heney
Heath Hignight

Community Members:
Dana Banga
Ann Cha
Carol Compagnon
Nicolas Fong
Thomas Ho
Daniel Tseung
Elizabeth Wang

Organization Members:
Bonnie Bajaj - PFO President
Tori Kelly - Booster Club President
Matthew Sears ('02) - HK Chapter Alumni Association

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for overseeing HKIS's buildings and facilities and the approved Master Facilities Plan, including design, procurement, construction and handover to the relevant users. The Facilities Committee also develops and maintains school policies that relate to facilities and will present changes to the Board for approval as required. The Facilities Committee assist and advises the Director of Facilities Management in overseeing the yearly renovations and repairs to HKIS's buildings and facilities as well as all new major construction projects.

Board Members:
David Kan, Chair
Tina Gaw
Joel Scheiwe

Committee Administrators: 
Raman Paravaikkarasu, Committee Administrator

Community Members:
Christine Bruckner
Isabella Lo
Rosa Lee
Rebecca Sze
Andy Wu
Heath Zarin

Finance Committee

In concert with the HKIS finance department, the Finance Committee develops HKIS’s long-range financial plan and yearly operational budget, including setting tuition levels, determining the allocation of funds to the Investment Sub-Committee and the use of these funds, in each case for Board approval. The Finance Committee also monitors the implementation of the budget; makes periodic reports to the Board on the school’s financial status and educates the Board on nonprofit financial reporting and trends affecting the school’s finances.

Board Members:
Ji-Il Kwon, Chair
Karena Belin
Timothy Blakely
Leontine Chuang '93
Wei Dian
Christina Gaw
Alistair Ho
Kosmo Kalliarekos
David Kan
Eunei Lee
Vincent Li
Joel Scheiwe

Committee Administrators: 
Joy Okazaki
Ben Hart
Duncan Fitzgerald

Community Members:
Vanessa Chien
Julian Lee
Denise Mak
Varun Nayyar
David Rhee
Rebecca Xu
Jeff Zielinski

Harold Kim
Ron Roukema


Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee

The Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee is responsible for supporting the Head of School, evaluating the performance of the Head of School and making a recommendation to the Board concerning the Head of School’s compensation for the following academic year.

Harold Kim, Chair
Tim Blakely