Strategic Plan

HKIS Strategic Plan 2019-2025 

Strategy #1

We will broaden and enrich learning opportunities to meet the needs of each learner.

End results:

1. Students have greater choice for what and how they learn.

2. Inquiry approaches have been aligned and implemented R1-12.

3. Educators differentiate for content, product, processes and learning environment, based on student readiness, interest or learning profile.

Strategy #2

We will actively engage in a culture of health and wellbeing.

End results:

1. Articulated and aligned health and wellbeing curriculum is in place.

2. Practices, policies, resources, and spaces nurture the health & wellbeing of our community.

3. HKIS is a leading center for continued learning on health and wellbeing.

Strategy #3

We will improve processes and practices for decision-making, using technology and data.

End results:

1. An integrated data system is in place and enables real-time tracking of key benchmarks and in-depth analytics to support well-informed learning, operating, financial decisions across the school.

2. Teams regularly use data to inform decision making about student learning.

3. Increased connectivity of all stakeholders of the HKIS community.

4. Measurement and accountability tools track the achievement of SLRs and Strategic Objectives.

5. Systems are in place to benchmark our school against leaders in the field.

Strategy #4

We will create a culture of environmental sustainability.

End results:

1. Curriculum and programs promote a shared understanding of sustainability.

2. Developmentally appropriate curricula foster an understanding of and connections to the natural world.

3. An actively engaged community in environmental stewardship.

Strategic Planning Process