Program Overview


Program Overview

The four programs outlined in this section are designed to expose students to a variety of sports, activities, and personal pursuits. Allowing students to explore and have fun while developing fundamental skills, healthy habits, and physical literacy. They include: 

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA's): Extra Curricular Activities at the Lower & Upper Primary level should focus on inclusivity, provide progressive development in foundation skills and are delivered in a safe and fun environment. The 3pm Activities are inclusive and are not ability based or select in nature.  

Sports Academies: This platform provide students an opportunity to pursue their passion for sports in programs that value a culture of excellence, commitment, and respect. These programs enable students to reach their full potential as athletes while maintaining a healthy life balance.

Aquatics: The Aquatics program’s mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate swimming program for students at Hong Kong International School. Each student will be offered swim lessons and a variety of aquatics activities at their level & ability, thus ensuring students experience success, enjoyment, improvement of their skills, and development of their knowledge & understanding of water safety concepts & skills.

Associated Clubs: These external sporting associations offer HKIS students an opportunity to register and participate as part of their club. Practices and competitions may take place on campus or at various facilities throughout Hong Kong.

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