Extra Curricular Activities


Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

HKIS believes Extra Curricular Activities are integral to the total education experience for students. The extra curricular activities program supports the actualization of the school’s mission, vision and student learning results (SLRs). These activities provide opportunities for students to explore and pursue areas of interest in diverse environments, promoting the development of both collaborative and individual knowledge and skills.

What is an ECA?

Extra Curricular Activities at the Lower & Upper Primary level should focus on inclusivity, provide progressive development in foundation skills and are delivered in a safe and fun environment. The 3pm Activities are inclusive and are not ability based or select in nature.

The Extra-Curricular Activities at HKIS encompass a wide range of areas that focus on the all round development of our students. In line with the school's vision, the ECAs offered are classified into the following categories:

1. Culinary Arts

5. Physical Activity

2. Health & Wellness

6. S.T.E.M

3. Oratory Arts

7. Service & Spirituality

4. Performing Arts

8. Visual Arts

Activities Brochure