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The HKIS Athletics Office offers a wide range of sports and team options but, given the resources available, cannot cover every sport and competition available.  For sports and competitions that are not offered through the Athletics Office, HKIS may be able to ‘sponsor’ team or individual entries into school based competition based on the following:

Request for ‘Sponsorship’ - Requests should be sent to us ( at least 4 weeks before the entry deadline.

Time commitment - We will review the time commitment required to prepare and compete in any event to make sure that any time away from school is manageable / acceptable.

Conflicts - We will review the commitment required to make sure that it would not cause conflicts for students already committed to HKIS Athletics teams or other curricular or co-curricular programs.

Facilities / equipment - HKIS will not provide any additional facilities, equipment or coaching resources to help prepare students for any non official HKIS Athletics Office Sports competition or to assist at the competition itself.

Costs - HKIS will not contribute to the costs of entry / registration, coaching, transport, etc for the competition. It may be that HKIS need to initially pay entry fees, etc to complete Registration for the competition, but any funds outlayed would need to be reimbursed.

Registration - Should any registration (or collection of registration documents or cards) need to be carried out in person at outside offices / organizations, parents or students will need to be responsible for this. Should Student Registrations be required (as they are in HKSSF Events), then we will require one parent to assume responsibility for collecting any required documents such as copies of HKID cards, photos, etc.

Advertising the opportunity for other students - As soon as the activities office receives a request from a parent or student to enter such a competition, we will post notices in HKIS Divisional Newsletters advertising the opportunities to all students and will also contact any of our 3rd party providers offering this sport through our activities office if appropriate.

Activities / Academies Office Programs - HKIS offers a very broad sports program through the Activities and Academies Office and often the in-house or 3rd party providers for these sports will be looking to offer their students opportunities to compete in school competitions. In these cases, these 3rd party companies, in conjunction with the Activities Office, will take the lead in the administration of the team, registrations and other logistics. Many will be happy to assist students who are not part of their programs to join, but may charge a fee to cover costs and administration. 

Team Selections - If there are more students interested in competing than there are available spaces, the HKIS Activities Office will prepare a criteria for selection based on age, experience, times, scores, handicaps, etc.

Codes of Conduct - All students must remember that even though it is not an official Athletics team, they will still be representing HKIS at these events and it is important to respect all officials, coaches, teammates and fellow competitors at all times. We will require all students, attending parents and coaches to sign off our Codes of Conduct before the event. 

Recognition - We are happy to arrange for HKIS Divisional Newsletter articles to recognise achievements at these events and so we would encourage you to share results and photos, etc. However, we would ask you to note that these notices must be submitted by the Activities Office and not directly to any divisional heads or teachers, etc

HKSSF and Grade Level - You need to be aware that once students register for HKSSF for any sport for the school year, they will be tied to competing at that grade level at all sports during that year. For example, if a student registers for HKSSF A Grade Fencing as a 9th Grader, they can only then compete at A Grade for all other sports within that year even if you are qualified by age for younger grades (ie, you are U16 and so could technically compete at B Grade level by age).


HKSSF Secondary School


The registration grade is graded by sex and age (i.e. Boys A, B, C, Girls A, B, C). 

  • A Grade: born on or after 1 Jan 2005 
  • B Grade: born on or after 1 Jan 2008
  • C Grade: born on or after 1 Jan 2010

HKSSF Primary School


The registration grade is graded by sex and age (i.e. Boys A, B, C, Girls A, B, C). 

  • A Grade : Born on or after 1st January 2011
  • B Grade : Born on or after 1st January 2013
  • C Grade : Born on or after 1st January 2014

Student Registraion

Once you have been accepted on to the HKIS Sponsored Sports Team, you will need to then Register as a Student Athlete - Please complete this FORM HERE

IDENTITY DOCUMENT - Please note that only following documents will be accepted as valid identity documents for registration. 

A. Hong Kong Identity Card (If the applicant is replacing HKID at the time of registration, HKSSF only accepts acknowledgement of application issued by Immigration Department.) 

B. Birth Certificate (Only accepts HK Birth Certificate)

C. Valid Travel Document 

D. Valid Statement of Travel Records

E. Student Information Record from EDB

Note: The minimum upload size per file is 715 X 454 pixel and 150kb, maximum size is 2Mb in JPG, PNG or PDF format.  


ISSFHK - Secondary School only

U12: born on or after 1st Aug 2011

U14: born on or after 1st Aug 2009

U16: born on or after 1st Aug 2007

U20: born on or after 1st Aug 2003


Hong Kong Primary Schools Sports Association (HKPSSA) 

We DO NOT enter these events as only Member Schools are allowed to enter Teams and at this time, HKIS is not a member school