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HKIS Co-Curricular Programs Overview

Welcome to the Hong Kong International School Co-curricular programs.

HKIS offers a wide range of co-curricular programs. These are offered on and off campus, with a combination of tuition and non-tuition funded programs on offer. The four tuition funded programs are MS Athletics, MS Clubs, HS Athletics, and HS Clubs. The remaining programs listed in red below are not tuition funded and include Extra Curricular Activities, Sports Academies, Aquatics, and Associated Clubs. To learn more about each program please click the relevant link below.

Philosophy Statement for Co-Curricular Activities

HKIS believes co-curricular activities are integral to the total education experience for students. The co-curricular program supports the actualization of the school’s mission, vision and student learning results (SLRs). Co-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to explore and pursue areas of interest in diverse environments, promoting the development of both collaborative and individual knowledge and skills. These experiences, when pursued appropriately, promote the fulfillment of a healthy and balanced life.

Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity

The Sports based programs at HKIS follow a research based development model. The three main goals are to support the development of physical literacy, strive for excellence, and empower people to be active for life.

HKIS encourages students to engage in a variety of activities and does not support early specialization. To learn more, please click HERE.