Black Kite Scholarship

The Black Kite Scholarship

Hong Kong International School is currently seeking local students who wish to apply for an HKIS Black Kite Scholarship. 

What is the HKIS Black Kite Scholarship Fund? 

The HKIS Black Kite Scholarship Fund, named for beautiful birds that soar above the Tai Tam campus, are full scholarships awarded annually based on need and merit to a qualified Grade Seven applicant. The scholarship covers tuition and expenses for school fees, books, technology, transportation, food, and all other incidentals associated with an HKIS education. The scholarship covers six years of HKIS education for each student from grades seven through twelve. 

Who Can Apply for This Scholarship? 

Consistent with the intentions of the donor and the charitable purposes of HKIS, the scholarships will be awarded to students from local families who currently attend local Hong Kong schools and who would otherwise not be able to afford an HKIS education.
To be eligible, applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Must be a resident of Hong Kong.
  • Must speak and be able to learn in English.
  • Must be attending a local Hong Kong school at the time of application and must be in good standing both academically and socially at the current school.
  • Family must be able to demonstrate financial need.
  • Must not be eligible for other financial assistance (other scholarships, corporate grants, debenture, tuition remission, etc.)
  • Must be qualified for admission to HKIS and meet HKIS’s entry requirements. 

Apply Now

Application deadline: January 14, 2024

Want to Learn More?

Please contact Bowie Lam at for more information.