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The Annual Fund

The HKIS Annual Fund

Each year of an HKIS education is supported by tuition, revenue from investments, and the Annual Fund. And each year, our community comes together to raise money to fill The Annual Fund and allow HKIS to operate at the highest level of excellence. Our hope is that our students emerge from HKIS as creative, collaborative, and resilient individuals that are thoughtful and compassionate. The extra teacher, the perfect space, and the innovative tool are unique aspects of our program that allow our students to explore subject matter and concepts beyond the traditional classroom, and make HKIS an extraordinary place to learn.

We encourage all members of our community to participate in the Annual Fund in any capacity. Your support is an expression of your belief in the excellence of our school and is a wonderful representation of spirit and community. Thank you for believing in HKIS!

Teaching Excellence

Our talented and dedicated teachers are the heart of our vibrant community. The Annual Fund ensures that we can continually attract and recruit the highest quality teaching professionals to our school.


Sports and Activities

HKIS students are provided with world class facilities, activities, and sports programs, all supported in part by the Annual Fund. Through exposure to unique experiences and the nurturing of character and leadership, HKIS students become healthy and balanced leaders.


Technology, design and innovation are part of our curriculum, where students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. Our youngest students are encouraged to explore and take risks, eventually focusing on projects with meaning and usefulness as they get older. By High School, students are encouraged to use what they have learned to give back to the community. The Annual Fund supports many aspects of innovation at HKIS.

Performing and Visual Arts

At HKIS, we believe that music, theater arts, and visual arts promote empathy and understanding of humanity and its diversity. Our programs help students develop their self-confidence, self-expression, and creativity, providing a sense of beauty, connection with others, and belonging to something larger than themselves. The Annual Fund allows us to provide broad experiences for student artists of all kind!


Spirituality is one of six Student Learning Results (SLR) at HKIS: Students will understand and respect Christianity and other religions and will identify and develop their own spiritual identity. The Annual Fund supports unique opportunities for students to explore and experience spirituality and the Christian faith. 


Service Leadership

Service learning is a core part of the HKIS program beginning in Lower Primary and promoted throughout our school. As part of our Annual Fund efforts, funds are raised for The James A. Handrich Service Leadership Endowment Fund. This fund grants awards to HKIS High School students and High School Clubs for service projects designed to further the school's Mission.