Student Leadership


The Ambassador Board is a student leadership team who are regularly seen at school helping new students adapt to HKIS, giving prospective families tours, offering student perspective on various committees, and acting as role models both on and off campus.


Our responsibility is to raise school spirit throughout the year.


The HKIS chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes students based on scholarship, character, leadership, and service. We try to increase the visibility of NHS on campus and make our events more beneficial to HKIS students. We have continued to strengthen our seven initiatives: the Homework Coaches, "Get a Life" Speaker Series, Blood Drive, Freshman Test Prep, and Thanksgiving Dinner.



The SDLT helps empower the HKIS community with technology. Our core services include the SDLT Help Desk, as well as after school training sessions and digital literacy sessions for new students. In addition, our expertise is applying various tools and promote the use and understanding of the latest technology. The Digital Communication Alliance in SDLT help supporting media communication in school via video streaming, digital content creation and video production for special projects.

Service Clubs


Anne Frank once said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Amnesty International’s mission and goal is to protect human rights worldwide. We envision a world in which every person enjoys all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. Amnesty International awaits your involvement and contribution in making our world a better place.


Animal Safety and Protection (ASAP) promotes animal rights and welfare in Hong Kong as well as throughout Asia. We are dedicated to the support of local animal welfare organizations through engaging in hands-on service outreach, raising awareness, educating the general public and fundraising.


The Citizens' Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides an education for underprivileged children in Pakistan. TCF club at HKIS strives to raise funds for the organization through McDonald's sales, poverty simulations, and an annual club sleep-out. We also try to introduce the Pakistani culture to HKIS students through Pakistani food sales and henna stalls.


Our purpose has its attention on helping Calcutta street kids through the organisation of the same name. We help by raising money through food sales and other fundraisers. One of the most unique features about this club is that it's linked to the Interim that travels to Kolkata.


Habitat for Humanity strives not only to provide service to those in need, but also to get students directly involved in service. Going beyond fundraising, students have the opportunity to take part in builds throughout Southeast Asia so they can actually see and work with the people that benefit from their service. Habitat aims to provide a home for all those in need. Everyone deserves a place to build his or her families and memories, and Habitat aspires to ensure that happens.


Heifer is a nonprofit organization that aims to end world hunger and poverty by providing families in rural China with livestock, seeds, and extensive training to achieve self-reliance. HKIS Heifer club aims to raise fund and awareness by engaging in annual events such as Race to Feed, Pumpkin Festival and World’s Fair. With the majority of our fund donated to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, we spread awareness on Day 512, the anniversary of the earthquake. Heifer works to provide hope and gifts to families in need.


The HKIS Interact Club aspires towards excellence in executive leadership and effective communication. As we are fully student-driven, our members must dedicate much of their time, talent and skill to make each event a success. Interact pioneered Noviera: Open Mic Night and maintained their annual fashion show to raise funds for specific organizations picked every year.


Make A Wish (HKIS Chapter) aims to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions in India and in Hong Kong. Our members dedicate their time volunteering at school-wide events such as PFO Pumpkin Fest, Lose the Shoes and PFO World’s fair, bake/food sales at lunches, as well as larger events hosted by Make A Wish Hong Kong.


As a service club, UNICEF aims to provide local and international humanitarian aid for children. Within Hong Kong, UNICEF members teach English to underprivileged children and distribute essential goods in urban slums. We fundraise for global causes like water sanitation in Cambodia and the recovery of the American Cooperative School of Tunisia through school events, monthly sales, and children’s' birthday parties. UNICEF also holds a street performance every year to raise awareness about its service initiatives in Cambodia.


Initially established by the auspices of Zonta Club in Hong Kong, Z Club in HKIS aims to serve the local community of Hong Kong through fundraising events, voluntary work, and monthly sales. Every year, Z Club organizes Dinner In The Dark for ORBIS, and Encore, a singing contest that fundraises for Christian Action. In school, Z Club sells Cha Siu Fan and Valentine’s Day roses. Out of school, our voluntary services range from teaching English to underprivileged children, flag days, to elderly home visits.


Fine/Performing Arts


Art Club on the surface is self-explanatory; we are a spirited club at HKIS that fully devotes its time and energy in doing all sorts of art, from sculpture to screen-printing. Beyond spending time immersed in our art, we engage the surrounding community as well, providing various clubs and individuals design and artistic services for free.


Members are selected through auditions held early in the year and a group of 8-12 is formed comprised of both boys and girls in all grades. Throughout the year, we practice on a weekly basis in preparation for performances in school, like music concerts and assemblies; but also for out of school events like the Rugby 7's. Chamber Choir allows individuals to sing music like pop, jazz, and R&B which would not otherwise be sung during regular choir classes.


Drama Club is an outlet for the creative performing arts. Meeting once a cycle, the club strives to give Drama enthusiasts a place to grow and learn all about the various forms of theatre. We strive to make sure that all students are included, and hope that each of our members has a great time. Drama Club students are passionate about their art, and make an effort to bring art to the community, through school gatherings, improv teams, one acts, monologues and more.


Film Club promotes an appreciation and understanding of filmmaking. Members develop production skills through creative projects and productions for other organizations in the community. Our activities include training in editing skills; filmmaking contests such as 48-hour and 80-minute events; recording and producing DVDs of club programs, concerts, plays, and athletic events; and organizing and/or joining film festivals as a culmination of the year's work.


HKD provides an opportunity for practice, growth and performance in a variety of dance genres from lyrical to hip-hop to Broadway. Students have the opportunity to work with a professional as well as student choreographers to build their skill and passion for dancing. The proceeds of performances, such as our annual dance competition, Max'd Out and end of the year showcase, are donated to a charity, voted upon at the beginning of each year. HKD is where a group of diverse dancers come together to do what they love: dance.


Jazz Band I meets every Tuesday to play swing, blues, funk, Latin and jazz rock. In the fall season, We usually play at three concerts and a community gathering. During the spring season we play at several public venues including the Rugby 7's


The Photography Club is dedicated to expressing ideas through our passion in photography. Our community consists of members that differ in both skill level and interest in various forms of photo taking. We unite as a club as we all share one thing in common: an avid passion for photography. The club hosts an annual Photography Club Photo Competition that falls after winter break, and members can gain assistance and further understanding in photography related areas.


Technical Theater is a club providing students the opportunities to work on the technical aspects of theater production in HKIS, including lighting, sound and video recording. Students are welcome to participate anytime and are only required to be committed to the shows they sign up for. We assist student productions and events. Commitment ranges from no rehearsals to several days of work. Training sessions are also available for anyone interested.


Women's A Cappella aims to be a fun, musical, inter-grade club of girls that get together and perform music. We'll discuss, rehearse, and perform various songs ranging from modern pop songs to classics and as a group, we will perform at different events including the pumpkin festival, the world's fair, and other charity events. We hope to grow together as a group and improve our skills in a cappella throughout the year.




A Chuan Long is the school’s student-run bilingual magazine that publishes three issues every year. Chuan Long’s three sections, writing, translation and layout, collaborate to provide the HKIS community with informative and entertaining magazines throughout the year. Each issue has a theme; themes from this year include fortune and aspiration. Chuan Long covers a vast array of topics, such as culture, arts and politics, which writers are encouraged to explore - from reviews of TV shows to the issue of National Education.


Ambrosia is HKIS’ only literary arts magazine, showcasing the HKIS community’s creativity and passion for the arts through poems, paintings, photographs, and macaroni portraits. Ambrosia members are a well-trained, sophisticated elite critiquing mafia with keen eyes for words and colors. Ambrosia is open to submission from the entire student body, not simply its members.


A paper written, edited, and formatted by students, Junto provides the latest news on HKIS and Hong Kong issues and events. Prospective reporters, photographers, and layout editors are all welcome to apply to join the Junto staff.


Yearbook Orientale is dedicated to capturing the best of HKIS’s school culture. All of our members are involved in the creation of one of the most valuable keepsakes that is sure to revive great memories for all students, whether it be 10, 20, or even 50 years from now. Our committed members put in many hours and much effort to package the year’s accomplishments and experiences from all four school divisions.

Athletic Pursuits


Fencing is a sport that challenges one both physically and mentally. Strategy and agility is key in this sport, as well as endurance and a highly motivated and determined mindset. The fencing club boasts a tight-knit group of fencers from all backgrounds of experience. We train in a safe environment, and have access to our own equipment stored inside the school. We gain new members every year, both novices and experienced fencers, and we work to promote the sport throughout the HKIS community.


Lacrosse is one of the most popular traditional North American sports and yet is little known outside of the US and Canada. Our goal as a club is to promote lacrosse at HKIS and allow lax boys and girls to keep up their playing overseas. During practice we provide coaching in stick skills, gameplay, fitness, and opportunity to scrimmage. Beginners and veterans alike are welcome on our girls’ and boys’ teams!


The Outdoor Pursuits Club provides opportunities for individuals to learn and develop attributes, to nurture a sense of adventure, and to develop personal and group skills. Leadership, organizational, communication, and decision-making skills are all components of outdoor experiences.Outdoor Pursuits includes but is not limited to the following: Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Navigation, Geocaching, Orienteering, Gorge Scrambling, Mountain Biking, Camping and other outdoor activities.


Special Interest


Chess club provides intellectual relief to the grieves of high school. The hallowed grounds of Chess club gather hobbyists each week and through playing each other, each member’s game and logic is strengthened. The club collectively aims to practice and enjoy the art of Chess, whilst competitively playing against others in an annual tournament that involves some of the best chess playing local schools in Hong Kong.


CFISH (Christian Fellowship is Shared Here) is a student-led fellowship group designed to encourage Christian faith and friendship. The time includes group building, worship in song, short message, small group sharing and prayer. Small groups sometimes meet for prayer and sharing outside FISH time. CFISH hosts the Alpha Course to provide a comfortable, informative and fun setting especially for those seeking answers to questions about the significance of Jesus and how Christian faith might become more personally meaningful.


Dragon Medics is a club dedicated to teaching students practical life saving skills. Through first aid certification courses, lectures on medicine, and volunteering opportunities, students will have the chance to explore their passion in medicine.


Entrepreneurs Exchange prepares emerging leaders in investing and entrepreneurship. We will be exploring various topics in business throughout the year. Some of our main activities will include: keynote speakers on business topics, a yearlong stock market simulation competition, inter-school business case competitions, and pursuing entrepreneurship. Join Entrepreneurs Exchange to immerse yourself in a supportive business culture, meet like-minded future business leaders and to learn more about business concepts that will stay with you throughout your professional careers. Each meeting we will be going over various business topics that you will need in order to gain the edge in our yearly inter-school business case competitions and investment competitions. We hope you join us to pursue business in the real world this year!


Just like how there are an infinite number of words, there are boundless ways of speech. We trek across these different landscapes, from debating on the legality of performance enhancing drugs to building an argument on the nature of life of the word “penguin”, from speaking about Kim Joong Un to mimicking the raspy voice of a drug addict. We compete against other schools in local and international tournaments, from the Hong Kong School’s Debating Council Tournament to China Cup and the South East Asian Forensics Tournament.


Go is a board game for two players that originated in China more than 2,500 years ago. The mission and purpose of the Go Club is to teach and spread this challenging board game with other students in the school. Go can often be regarded as an international language; playing Go with just a board and stones enables us to communicate with players regardless of nationality and without words. Through this club, students will also be able to gain an understanding of China and an appreciation of Chinese Culture.


This club focusses on LGBTQ issues. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive space within HKIS for LGBTQ students while raising awareness among the HKIS community for global LGBTQ issues. The club is discussion based, but also puts on events at school such as the LGBT film week and the Day of Silence. The club will support member's ideas and projects for how to be involved and spread awareness.


Magic Club is a place for people who are passionate for magic. It is a place where members are open to share, discuss and reveal tricks. We also participate in charitable events where we help raise money for the service initiative Kids4Kids.


Model United Nations aims to improve awareness of world problems and solutions, and build public speaking, debate, and collaborative skills through participation in Model United Nations. In addition to our regular weekly meetings, we also participate in Model UN conferences with other schools, both in Hong Kong and overseas, so as to build experience working with high level debaters and further improve on members’ skills.


Western opera, often stereotyped as an outdated antiquity, is actually an engaging style of performance, continually cherished around the world for its brilliance and elegance. By combining music, acting, and literature into one exquisite package, opera is a dish that teases the senses. It is often said that opera is an acquired taste, and this club is here to help one acquire this taste in a fun and social manner through “opera outings” and in-school screenings.


Dedicated to the subculture of Japanese animation and comics, the Otaku Club offers members the opportunity to take their interest in these areas a step further by experiencing the productions of various different animation/comic studios of Japan. Each month, we will watch and read the works of different studios, observing the differences in art styles, story styles, characters, music, and media. We will eventually use what we've learned to create our own productions or edit existing ones. Along the way, we will also exchange our knowledge of the Japanese language and other significant parts of Japanese culture. Members will also have the chance to take part in local conventions devoted to these subjects. Whether you’ve been an avid fan or you’re just a curious passerby, we are looking forward to exchanging ideas, opinions, and random Otaku thoughts with you!


Prom Committee is comprised of a group of junior students whose job is to work with administrators to plan and organize prom. Our goal is to make prom a most unforgettable experience.


The robotic club's main goal is to help students explore the field of robotics, expand their creativity, go beyond the classroom and add to their skill set.


Despite the name, people of all genders and identities are welcome to Young Women’s Society, where we discuss how women are perceived in pop culture, politics, and other aspects of life. Previous topics have included ‘Awesome Women in History’, 'Daily Sexism Problems', 'Why Hasn't There Been a Woman President Yet', and 'How Have Stereotypes Effected You'. Our goal is to create a relaxed environment where every opinion is heard and respected.

Academic Pursuits


The purpose of this club is for qualified MNN students who are passionate about the Chinese language to help their peers in homework and/or projects. In addition, this club acts as a communication centre where both students and tutors' will be able to develop his or her Chinese culture by improving their Chinese language skills. There are students at a designated room during free periods and afterschool that are willing to help students who come in seeking help with their Chinese homework, projects, etc.


The Math and Science Center aims to provide assistance to students in math and science. We also hope to promote a greater interest in math and science through Mole Day and Pi Day events. There is a 1:1 student-tutoring program where students may be tutored one on one with a tutor over the long term.


SEAMC is a club where students can come and hone their math skills by participating in international and local competitions such as the actual SEAMC competition itself, Purple Comet, and other competitions while learning challenging concepts. For those of you who enjoy math and/or want to get better at it, this is the place for you.

New Initiatives


The Creative Writing Club aims to supplement, and boost creativity and writing skills among students through a variety of different activities. We will also collaborate with a club from another school, online, and connect through our writing. Our club provides an opportunity to writers of all levels to come together to share ideas, write, and learn tips from various sources in a closed environment.


Our club's mission is "to help the people in Hong Kong who cannot afford to buy their own food." We work together with an organization called Feeding Hong Kong. Together, we hope to fight hunger in Hong Kong and at the same time reduce the amount of quality food that is being sent to our city's landfills. We will hold bread runs, food drives, and additionally will volunteer at the FeedingHK warehouse.


Our purpose and mission is to empower students to make a positive difference in the local Hong Kong community in the areas of health, education, and environment. Through creative and dynamic service activities, we hope that members will have fun while gaining leadership and organizational skills. We aim to support the Kids4Kids organization, a local registered NGO that enables youth to take action and give back.


Our purpose and mission is to empower students to make a positive difference in the local Hong Kong community in the areas of health, education, and environment. Through creative and dynamic service activities, we hope that members will have fun while gaining leadership and organizational skills. We aim to support the Kids4Kids organization, a local registered NGO that enables youth to take action and give back.


At the Science Club, we disregard what class you are in (honors or regular) or what grade you have. If you have a genuine interest in the field of science, you can join. This club can help narrow down certain aspects of careers since we will be doing experiments ranging from chemistry to bioengineering. In Science Club, we will be doing labs based on what students are interested in. Ultimately, the Science Club will create a international school science fair and compete with other hong kong schools.


ENKO (English for North Korean Organization) aims to raise awareness of the situations of the North Korean refugees fleeing to South Korea. We will provide English education videos to help them improve learning, since their resources are limited. We will also raise funds to donate to the school supporting the refugee children.

Service on Saturdays (SOS)

Service Summit

High School Slideshow