High School Overview


Welcome to High School!


Developing a Sense of Responsibility

Through academics, co-curricular activities, leadership and service, each student develops his or her intellect, imagination, independence, and inherent sense of responsibility.

Our challenging curriculum encourages students to grow intellectually by engaging them in collaborative work, interdisciplinary studies, student portfolios, and the use of technology in learning. The overall emphasis is on academic excellence through self-motivated and interactive learning. In addition to academic studies, our students are able to immerse themselves in a wide range of sporting and artistic activities, where teamwork and leadership are actively encouraged.

Interim and Service to the Community

Our students also participate in an Interim program throughout all four years of high school. Interim is a weeklong, off-campus learning experience featuring a range of courses that weave the Student Learning Results into the course experience.

Service to the community is an important aspect of high school activity, and students are able to give back to the local and global community, taking part in projects that make positive and lasting contributions to people all over the world.

Our High School serves students in Grade 9 through 12 (15-18 years old).

The High School offers a four-year academic program based on inquiry and the application of skills across varied subject areas. We believe in the education of the whole child and have a number of support systems to ensure students have a positive academic and social experience.
Dr. David Lovelin
High School Principal