Christian Faith

Grounded in the Christian Faith

As a school founded with the Lutheran Church, HKIS is motivated by a set of beliefs and values grounded in a Christian foundation. We believe the Christian faith is a response to the redemptive grace and love found in Jesus Christ and recognize that each student is a precious child of God. Motivated by that belief, HKIS nurtures each child to develop a clear sense of their identity, calling, and relationship with others.

At HKIS, our “American-style education grounded in the Christian faith” forms our understanding of spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and academic learning that is core to the Lutheran beliefs around lifelong learning. Understanding human nature and the need for relationship with their Creator and each other nurtures students to grow and live in a cohesive worldview. Each person develops through the experience of being an inquisitive learner. As they investigate and solve problems, children discover areas of particular interest and ability that can be applied in serving others. Collaboration unlocks children’s understanding that they are part of a diverse, creative community which reflects characteristics of God through core values, such as love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, humility, courage, hope, and gratitude.

In order to foster characteristics central to the Lutheran education philosophies, and coinciding with our school-wide Student Learning Results (SLR), there are efforts to increase students' exploration of Christianity and understanding of other faiths. We teach students about Jesus, the content of the Christian faith, the ways of living that follow from it, and Christian respect for spiritual lives of all. Throughout a student and a staff member's time at HKIS, they are exposed to an environment where the Christian faith can be integrated into their daily lives and where Christian decision making and lifelong problem solving skills may be developed. Through religious education, chapels and devotions, we seek to enable students to grow in the understanding and appreciation of the spiritual development of their lives.

HKIS respects the interests and diversity of the community it serves, and has grown to serve a broad, global community. Respect and understanding of diverse religious beliefs is vital for harmonious living in our local and global communities. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod's (LCMS) commitment to the importance of international schools, in relation to the worldwide mission of the church, has greatly helped other schools, including ours, to succeed. Church of All Nations (CAN), with its chapel and congregation on the Repulse Bay campus, serves the English-speaking community and welcomes all in Christian worship and fellowship.





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Christian Life

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Historic Relationship with the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  • Pioneer support from the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) since the beginning
  • LCMS' support in the 1960s secured the support of the Hong Kong Education Department for HKIS's establishment
  • Following the Repulse Bay land grant from the Hong Kong Education Department, the LCMS assisted in providing initial funding for the development of our very first purpose-built educational building