Supporting the legacy of the HKIS Mission makes your child’s education eternal. 

At its core, HKIS’s mission is to empower children to learn how to analyze and reason, to persist toward goals and dreams, and serve the global community—to be part of a legacy of servant leadership. Endowed Giving makes this legacy possible because it ensures that an HKIS education will impact future generations of students. Support the legacy your HKIS Dragon is building with an Endowed Gift. 

How Endowed Giving Works

Endowed gifts provide a critical revenue source to enable teaching and learning. They achieve this through carefully and conservatively investing gifts of great magnitude to produce an annual return. This annual return is used to supplement tuition revenue and Annual Giving each year. As these invested gifts grow in value, the impact of endowed gifts grows as well. 

Endowed Giving Opportunities

HKIS offers a wide range of Endowed Giving opportunities. Learn more about Endowed Positions, Endowed Scholarships, and the HKIS Endowment. 

Giving to an HKIS Endowed Fund helps ensure that the traditions and legacy of an American style of education, grounded in the Christian faith and respecting the spiritual lives of all, thrives not just today, but well into the future. 

Other Endowed Giving Opportunities

Think of the unique characteristics of an HKIS education today. What do you value most? Is it the professionalism and creativity of the teachers at HKIS? Is it the importance of arts, music, or the theatre program? Is it the powerful experiential learning program, such as the PEAK or Interim enrichment trips and experiences? Maybe it’s how the challenging academic program prepares students to not only thrive in college, but to become leaders and innovators?

Now imagine that quality has vanished from the HKIS educational experience. What would that mean to you? 

Many parents and alumni care deeply about ensuring the HKIS educational experience gets better and better as time passes while protecting the qualities that make HKIS one of the best schools in the world. You can support and sustain what you value the most with an endowed gift. Contact Heath K. Hignight, Chief Advancement Officer, to discuss what you value the most and how your endowed gift can protect and strengthen HKIS for educating future generations of servant leaders. 

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