Endowed Giving

Endowed Giving

Giving That Impacts The Future

HKIS’s endowment provides a critical source of funds to operate the school each year. The endowment supports a wide range of student programs, faculty professional development, critical facilities improvements, and the special events and activities that make an HKIS education truly unique.

The endowment is a diversified investment portfolio created over many years through a combination of gifts and other revenue, and capital appreciation over time. The endowment provides a reliable and perpetual source of income for the school’s operating budget. Each year, the school withdraws a percentage of the endowment’s earnings to support academic programming, activities, faculty professional development and recruitment, maintenance, and daily operations. The endowment supports the entire school across the Repulse Bay and Tai Tam campuses. In this way, the endowment contributes to the education of every student who attends HKIS.

Vintage Campus Photo versus New Campus Photo

The original HKIS Repulse Bay campus built in the 1960's and what it looks like now.

Why Should I Make an Endowed Gift?

It is through the vision and commitment of parents, alumni, and foundations that the HKIS endowment meets the needs of providing an HKIS education. Despite the success of the endowment to date, HKIS needs to increase the size of its endowment to not only remain the best independent school in Hong Kong, but one of the best in the world. 

When you make an endowed gift to HKIS, your gift leaves a legacy on excellence and innovation. 

Making an endowed gift ensures that HKIS will have not only important resources now, but in perpetuity. An endowed gift can also provide a lasting tribute that honors family members and friends. 

How Can I Make an Endowed Gift?

You may make a gift to the HKIS endowment or an existing endowed fund with a gift of any size. You may also help the school create new endowed funds for specific purposes that align with the mission and vision of the school as well as your philanthropic priorities. 

Currently, HKIS seeks philanthropists to support the following special endowed funds:

Share Your Ideas

Contact Heath K. Hignight, Chief Advancement Officer, at hhignight@hkis.edu.hk to share your ideas and discuss the impact you would like to make through an endowed gift.